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Looking for methods to insert my weblog feed only into my blog of my website. I see most of these other websites performing it… and I always wondered how they actually it.

If you’re using WordPress to create your website, I believe you will find there’s plugin for in which. Otherwise, this article talks about using Javascript to perform it. (I’m making the assumption that blog is located on Blogger or some other web address as opposed to website you want to display it on)

POST use Tumblr, which has a pretty quick and easy strategy to insert your blog into a webpage. The particular way I undertake it is using iframes, which I recognize is frowned when but I’m a novice which was the easiest once. However, Tumblr offered a couple of other alternatives way too. It also has plenty of customizable themes, or you can make your own. I prefer it pretty good, and found it easier to personalize than WordPress, at the least for what I want to to do.

I believe he’s looking intended for " the change of that". Significance, he has that WordPress blog
with the RSS feed… he wants that feed to seem on another web page (not WP).

Give us the chek out your blog Feed, and I’ll post a super easy PHP script that will will
parse the XML and display on your web page. Your web page will likely need to either
have a very. php extension (instead connected with. html), or you should use. htaccess to command
that server to method. html files because PHP scripts.

if you are using drupal it should you need to be a simple module deploy.

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