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Here’s the site under consideration: http: //outdoorwomensalliance. com

My business is trying to update this url, which belongs with a non-profit organization (hence we lack much money to pay more for someone to make it happen professionally. ) I downloaded the Wallbase xml web template for Blogger as being a base. I was exchanging the photos within the background from the techniques that came within the xml file to my own and got it to figure on the site. I thought it might carry over to all pages, but when everyone click on one of many links in this nav bar, the stock photos appear instead (zebra currently being hunted is certainly one of those).

How would I attempt putting in a similar photos across the full site

My business is pretty new to blog templates, though I have done a bit of website design (CSS/HTML), so I’m sure the structure slightly.

Thanks so much, of course , if this is in the wrong area of this site, or if you know of a numerous site to request this question, I’d appreciate your help out with pointing me within the right direction!

PS… if you need the template zip or maybe the xml report, let me know and I will attach it or are the code in your post.

I have a little ( aim on little ) expertise with blogger, but i assume the setting you need to change is in the admin section less than the global format.

WHEN I vaguely remember experiencing the settings with regard to ( each specific page ), but I remember there is a setting someplace for " global" settings which can be for the total site.

I’ll examine my old doodlekit setup later once i get a probability.

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