Breaking my Own Rules

Most of you have observed me deride having someone else’s program code except where completely necessary, or in the event like jQuery, where the idea is to create an simple shortcuts as opposed to doing the meet your needs exactly. The dirty secret is, I’ve always used a CSS reset which i downloaded somewhere, that, while I have learned about the code and tweaked it heavily, was nonetheless written by someone else.

< rant> Thus, I spent TWO bleeding hours today trying to puzzle out why the images in my Flexslider might display with 7px left margin after which jump back towards left. I as a final point discovered, by deleting that import for said reset which the margin-left set for li elements has been causing it. I acquired deep into Flexslider’s CSS and in many cases the jQuery. WHEN I removed and re-added that slider. Everything I really could think of. < /rant>

Hence, if I’ve explained it once, Truly said it THOUSANDS OF times… write your own personal dang code.

P. VERTS. I also used an hour trying to puzzle out why the slider wouldn’t work with my localhost, only to discover that my web connection had decreased off, and Now i’m loading jQuery from Google Code.

Sometimes another person’s code is way better than mine.

Do I can worry about the actual scripting I present on WDF
Lets hope my scripting (good in addition to bad) doesn’t upset your ego a lot of.

Ok, therefore the statement " another person’s code" is perhaps somewhat too broad to get what I’m looking for ways to at, but the point I’m trying to make is to be careful, or chances are you’ll end up investing 2 hours troubleshooting owing to it. Not to mention, if you written it, you learn how to troubleshoot it. I’d no idea the location where the issue was caused by, and it wound up being something MY PARTNER AND I didn’t even create. Generally, when you’ve written everything you can actually write, you’ll know exactly where in store fix a given issue.

I acquired a bit captivated with the stress, I guess.

Throughout those two hours, did you learn anything which you didn’t previously know
I usually find out something new about PHP each and every time I troubleshoot any script.
Throughout my case, those 2 hours sometimes save me 4 hours on a different project.
But Personally i think your frustration.

I did. I learned some pretty nifty products about jQuery. WHEN I saw some certainly well commented computer code that makes my family ashamed of exactly how poorly I review mine. I also learned which i need to finally take some time to write my own reset, because this isn’t before I’ve had difficulty with this one.

I’ve always used Yahoo’s page totally reset and haven’t had a challenge. I guess oftentimes other code for instance CSS resets or perhaps small PHP functions works extremely well, so long because you understand how they would and could write them when you needed to.

Sometimes copying a good email send PHP computer code from one site to another is faster then producing it from scratch each and every time, but maybe that is definitely just me.

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