POST, m working on a web site in addition to i, m using editplus because the author my problem been that once i view it in the browser it, s all out of alignment and while viewing it in editplus this indicates all nice along with neat what is the answer to overcome this problem thanks in enhance

Which browsers perhaps you have checked it on

HI gives thanks for answering

We have checked it on the internet Chrome, Safari, Firefox and IE 9 and the have near to the same result

clearly your code is a problem. could you place it by likelihood so we can take a peek

Viewing it within your editor is probably an enormous part of the issue. You’d be much better off just coding the item and viewing it in on the list of browsers on any pc.

Oh WHEN I haven’t used editplus…

If it in fact does have emulators for any browsers then I realize Ronald… save it and view it in the actual browsers. Likelihood is the emulation code within the program is supplying you with the issues.

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