Building a forum from scratch

Once building my very first website from scratch several months ago, We have decided to have a very go at developing a forum. I know its gonna take plenty of work but it shall be a part time project for that next few a few months.

Before i start i just wondered if there were any good websites/ tutorials to get up to speed with PHP

The graphics i always will be using with the forum shall be basic and very similar to http: //news. bbc. company. uk/sport1/hi/606/default. stm

As my test for photoshop has run out (tried re-downloading it nonetheless it comes up having trial expired ), Will there be any other decent programs i always can get upon trail or for nothing to do these types of basic designs

Thank you in advance on your help!

ALTER: Should be Making a forum from scratch in the title

Holy Cow!
This will likely be a substantial project.
You’ll also have to learn MySQL to take care of the database piece.

Your project is actually two parts. The forum because the user sees this, and operates it…
and also the forum on that ‘admin’ (administrator) aspect. User registration, get access, and
placing permissions for general user, moderators (who can certainly edit posts).

It needs to be rock solid for security, hackers, spammers, for example.

But it really is done. I want you luck.


Why build one particular from scratch as soon as there’s many pre-existing ones already around

Why not The key reason why design websites once you can download so many templates for no cost If anything, it is just a good exercise within coding.

Try Paint. net

Useful forums are a lot more complicated than your template. Not to say they take so much longer. For case in point, take a examine this forum’s software program, XenForo. The guys guiding it had years of experience working about vBulletin, and every time they chose to build their very own from scratch the idea still took ONLY TWO years or and so.

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