bullet points with spaces in between

i am trying to puzzle out how to produce a bullet point number but have spaces in between each line. tried using a < br> soon after and before < li> although no luck: ermm:

You are able to define it in your CSS style-sheet track, or by employing inline CSS…

< li style=" padding-bottom: 10px; " >

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are there any sources for ever online classes as well as free tutorials to master HTML and CSS I am an internet professional so i have to know the basics so i will make revisions in things and complete some light style, but I don’t intend on getting a proffesional developer. i have CS4 web suite so i have good tools, i simply need to know how to utilize them.

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My own answer is lame, but Google is really the best reference for CSS series.

You’ll be looking for XHTML and also CSS. XHTML defines some standards that
will be more specific to the construction within your HTML tags. This particular gives any of
the particular browsers (IE, FF, Safari, Chrome, etc) a unique set of rules to follow.

CSS is easy methods to define the " style" or " layout" of the pages, colors, fonts,
word, etc.

So this is a good place to start off:
http: //www. the search engines. com/#hl=en& safe=o… =g1g-m2& aql=& oq=& gs_rfai=& fp=d29994193830ccd0

You should download some cost-free XHTML/CSS templates.
By looking at some existing program code, you will notice how everything succeeds together…
sort of like learning through example.

Here’s where do you start with free web themes:
http: //www. the search engines. com/#hl=en& safe=o… ql=& oq=xhtml css& gs_rfai=& fp=d29994193830ccd0


simply no that works, i need to start with something that could give me a good overall understanding so i beging with the right internet site or tutorial. i have started several but it ended up taking me in the direction that seemed to be more specific. gives thanks.

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