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Good day everyone,

We are a beginner with website design stuff. My ultimate goal is always to build a buy as well as sell add web site with some particular language. Hopefully we can find the site design scripts for that intended purpose, the chief concern is including the language application.

My personal question: given i have learned to build the website in English, How does someone add another vocabulary application So that will probably be easier for local people to work with with no vocabulary barrier.

MY SPOUSE AND I appreciate any ideas.

Thank you,


The way in which I’ve seen it done could be to have the common phrases inside a language file for each language, and in which case you include whatever the suitable language file is usually using an incorporate file. I’ve seen it done because of this for ASP and also PHP. Not sure how exactly to do it in. INTERNET.

If it works well for researching, the technical expression for offering different languages to your site is ‘localization’. Maybe you have better luck using that in the searches.

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