Calendar (Table) Help !

Concerning a page on my site which includes a table in it which has a calendar for The month of january thru June, my question is can one use javascript to auto update plus highlight todays time frame.
Right now easily want to mouse over todays date I have to change the " class" in the < td> for todays to receive it to change the font colouring and background coloring. I want to " automate" repayment if I can certainly, I dont want to go in the code every time at midnight and also change the " class" towards next days < td>. Can certainly anyone help me out

You use PHP (or JQuery, javascripting) to really create the calendar dynamically.

Moreover, you could work with PHP to transform today’s date auto-magically too,
using PHP together with your existing Javascripting.

Give us a chek out your actual on the net page.

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