Can I display WordPress updates on an external site?

I want a section regarding blog updates out of my wordpress website update on the external website We have. At first, my idea what to have it with an iframe… yet now, I realized WE don’t want the whole actual site appearing in the iframe. I simply just want the tweets.

I am not too familiar with wordpress/blogs (and even now a newcomer relating to web design), so We were wondering if anyone here had a few advice on how I could execute my notion.

Thanks for virtually every help!

That’s what your RSS link as well as the orange RSS symbol to the webpage are information on.
RSS is a system where your site or wordpress site creates a unique XML file that
includes posts, your hottest posts, a specific category, etc.

Anyone can access that Feed and use the item on their website. The resulting XML
file has links back to your site (the REALLY SIMPLY SYNDICATION originator), but this doesn’t happen necessarily have to help.
A lot of people use their homepage Feed widget, or some thing similar. For non-
developers, the RSS widgets, plug-ins, and homepage readers do all the XML
equipment automatically (behind this scenes).

Now for those who have an external site which is your own, and you can use scripting on which site,
it is possible to grab the XML file (RSS feed) and also do whatever you desire with the details.
You might in fact, query to get data directly in the WP MySQL database in case you really
wanted to. But the Rss feed might be suitable to get what you long for.

Google" Live journal RSS feeds" and find out more about it. Then revisit and describe
more about the thing you need to do with the posts, or whatever you’re doing.

Relating to an example in your case…
Weather Underground offers an Feed of the most up-to-date weather stats for any city.
I made a PHP script that will read that Feed and create my own graphic thing that
illustrates temp and present conditions. You can view the actual RSS feed and see the
PHP scripting I used to create my very own webpage " widget":
http: //www. catpin. com/weather.

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