Can I Get in Trouble for This?

I recently got a call from your potential client who aspires to sell Viagra online.

As the web designer, could I be in trouble for being connected to something like this I can’t find any information regarding someone getting busted for selling Viagra on the net. But I still don’t wish to take the risk if there is any.

Does anyone find out if this is surely a thing I should avoid in the least costs, or will i easily say, " Hi, I just designed the website. I don’t have anything related to the business in the company. "

Thanks for virtually any help.

It is likely you won’t find what you need on here, and the reason you won’t varies according to factors not based on web design (i. at the. the laws in your jurisdiction).

My initial thought is always that you probably wouldn’t, as long because what was taking was legal. When, however, you discovered illegal activity, you have to have to report it or potentially be considered an accessory with a crime. Of lessons, the safest move to make is just to turn it down outright after which you can’t become nailed for everything.

I’m not a lawyer, though, nor must i play one with TV.

Providing your contract ( one does have a contract with this particular client Right )… states you are providing design methods only, and you are certainly not related to the bosses operation in the slightest. You have no business model except for the structure and deployment with the site, all contents provided through the client.

If you can not ask the concern, then there is actually plausible deniability, but if you suspect which the activity on the site may be banned in nature, then you have to make the decision to separate yourself made by this business…

area jurisdictions aside, please research the federal implications of what you imagine this person are going to be doing, seems in my opinion that several web sites similar in nature were banned once they found the fact that drugs being sold were caused by another country which the owners with the site were 100% liable for all those transactions… I believe the very charges were Few months and several thousand dollars in fines, but the owner made thousands and thousands of dollars just before they got shut down… so some could see it as a plausible risk to do business.

To keep would steer obvious… as it would only take 1 little bit of bad press… and some of my customers would throw me under the bus devoid of twitching… others… no a whole lot… but that’s some of those things I don’t care to find out about…

Thanks for your tips.

I think it’ll be for top to pass this particular client up. I’ll make sure you let him find out the legal implications of his enterprise. I don’t know if he fully realizes that what he’s doing is incredibly likely illegal.

Wise call. If you are not sure he fully realizes that selling drugs online could potentially violate what the law states, then one connected with two things will go on:

1) Without actually lying back as such, he’s misled you straight into believing he’s naive. If this will be the case, he’s likely to screw you over and acquire off scot-free.

2) He really is always that naive. If it is a case, he’s likely to do one thing stupid that inadvertently screws you both over.

Throughout either event… you get screwed. So avoid, avoiding this client will be the wisest move.

ASPECT NOTE: I’m straightedge, and also I can’t endure taking pills me. So I’m certainly not defending the substance companies here. The entire reason this underground industry even exists happens because drug companies are actually morally bankrupt, seeing that Mare would decide to put it.

Game -I simply love it when you quote me – especially once i agree so heartily in your viewpoint!

This really is the kind of job I’d personally list in your " What sort of job would an individual NOT take" line, along with get-rich-selling-online pyramid techniques, to name just a couple of.

Now i’m fairly new, actually a documented business for slightly over a season, but I’m old enough to own my standards rather than want to bargain them. There are some things I recently won’t do, with principle, regardless of whether these are legal or not. That may help make me a hidebound previous fogey, but WHEN I sleep easier.

No… Makes you person with a morals and standards ( which i might add… escapes some inside our society )…

Amen to that particular, brother.

I wouldn’t touching this client with a 10-foot pole to get morality reasons often, so Mare, you’re not alone.

We don’t wish to leave you from a ‘hard’ spot to escape….


Also, don’t be any pill, mlseim.

Also, you guys — thanks for cheering me personally up, I was feeling somewhat blue…

My own two cents:

For this website, there are generally two scenarios, a single totally legal, a single totally illegal.

1- The website operators get in contact with the prescribing physician, verify everything in addition to dispense only after making sure everything is adequately taken care out of. THIS IS LEGAL

2- The site operators send Viagra to people without prescription. IT IS ILLEGAL

" Jesus is within Tijuana"

Oh best option, Mike. You wrecked the particular bad pun chain. You suck!

Turn back and edit your post and stick from a Cheech and Chong referrals somewhere.

Accomplished, go back and see if you’re able to find it!


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