Can you customize a google map?

Simply recently google updated their map for just one if the components I manage. It is possible to view it from http: //maps. search engine. com/mapsq=kolea… 887306& spn=0. 003591, 0. 006968& t=h& vpsrc=6& z=18

I have a custom made map you could view at internet. waikoloavacationrentals. com/kolea-rentals/ at the bottom. I would want to take the yahoo and google map and give it the identical functionality as road I currently possess. The issue I am running into is always that I can certainly not figure out the way to put the number within the buildind and allow it to be to where it is directly clickable to some page on the website.

Is what We are trying to accomplish possible

I don’t even think google would allow you to customize their road directions…

… Google says it is possible to…
http: //maps. search engine. com/support/bin/… de. cs& guide=21670& topic=21676& from=21676& rd=2

Of course, I googled this kind of

Yeah, that is where I acquired looked. The issue I’d with that was you could put icons for the map, but when people clicked on these folks it had a popup (the white box) you could put a url/etc with. I wanted that while you click on the idea, it goes right to the web internet site.

Those usually are personal though, not everyone reach see it, if you don’t share. I guess guess it depends on how OP wishes to share them.

Remember a bit ago I helped you on this…
I wasn’t capable to offer a very good solution… You settled which includes a mapped image.

It’s true, I can earn myself for giving you crappy results a final time I made it easier for you.

Unzip the attached file.
1) A person edit the " guns. xml" file, to change that URL (hot link) for each marker.
2) Create your special markers (PNG images) and also replace them inside the markers directory.
3) To be able to adjust marker NAVIGATION SYSTEMS locations, run the actual script called " device. php". That lets you
to see the exact GPS locations. I discovered that i didn’t carry released the GPS resolution
much enough, so some markers are certainly not in the biggest market of the houses.
4) Once again, edit " guns. xml" file to make changes to the actual markers, or to incorporate markers.
5) Every time you edit " guns. xml", you need to view it together with your browser and rekindle.
Your browser will always be caching the old xml version.

You’ll notice buying stuff in your XML file. MY SPOUSE AND I originally used this specific script
which includes a " sidebar", listing the markers. That feature continues to be there, you simply need
to be able to change the HTML PAGE as shown under.

Suggestions my working version to determine it with " simple markers":
http: //www. catpin. com/kolea

I made a couple of my own PNG’s… #4 the #5… I’m very little artist, but you can observe that
one can use your own markers inside a real Google Road.

Suggestions the working version to capture GPS DEVICE locations:
http: //www. catpin. com/kolea/gps. php

If anyone wants a pleasant GPS finder, view the gps. php page
as well as copy the supply code. You’ll see from the initialize section
where the GPS location is defined if your map loads.
Put is likely to starting coordinates.

A further idea… unzip those information and edit them to make your own
GeoCache road directions. Dust-off your previous handheld GPS locators and also create a
feature map for other people. GeoCaching is kind of fun.

They are the changes to exhibit the sidebar:

< desk border=" 1" >
< tr>
< td>
< div id=" map_canvas" style=" width: 790px; height: 500px" > < /div>
< /td>
< td valign=" top" style=" width: 150px; text-decoration: underline; colouring: #4444ff; " >
< div id=" side_bar" > < /div>
< /td>
< /tr>
< /table>

Pleasant….. yeah, that is cool construct y came out with something that may do it. We are working on it at the moment. A couple questions Thought about:
1) Is there ways to customize the zoom The one you gave my family is too zoomed around, but if everyone zoom out once it truly is too far away.
2) How do i go back and take labels off to do not show up in the beginning I know We can just click the labels for myself, but so that users do not need to do that.

Do you accomplish any SOAP development or build cellphone apps I could possibly have some other meet your needs.

To clear away labels…

Locate this line:
mapTypeId: search engine. maps. MapTypeId. HYBRID

Change it to the present:
mapTypeId: search engine. maps. MapTypeId. SATELLITE


I haven’t found any way to affect the focus levels,
May possible that feature may be added sometime soon.


No, I don’t carry out SOAP or cellphone apps.

So Relating to my map all set at www. waikoloavacationrentals. com/kolea-rentals/map-test
I must make the back links. What I does do is create the map larger so I did not have to fret about the driving.

Suggestions my question. Should you look at the actual map, it is much to the suitable. How do WE set it to ensure that the property will display in the center of the map each time

Thank you!

For today, I wanted to own the map and there not be links towards pages from the actual numbers. I will change that inside a few months. Should you look at www. waikoloavacationrentals. com/kolea-rentals/map-test I took the link off building 1, nevertheless it still links to some page if you select it. Is there ways to avoid that

To the zoom… see the initialize case in point below where it is possible to disable everything,
and also " add them to your shopping cart" as they say.

To the " too far for the right" issue… Change the longitude value to the initialize loading.
Try these values as an alternative to the ones you could have now:
center: different google. maps. LatLng(19. 918586, -155. 887000),

To the link issue… do not delete the website, but change it to the present:
link=" #"

The cursor will still

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