Cannot connect to database

i apparently have a dilemma installing cakePHP since it cannot connect towards database in my wampserver… i am fairly new to both cake plus wamp, but i am just think problem mite be with my wampserver host php settings mainly because i followed this configurations instructions…

you need to assist this new webdesign enthusiast!


This one can be really hard for us that will help you with,
as we cannot see or work directly in your server and files.

Hopefully someone has an idea of where do you start.
Sorry, I don’t realize much about WAMP stuff.

Whenever reporting something similar to this, give us the exact ERROR.

Does it present you with an error program code, or does them just display any white page with only the textual content " cannot connect with database"

Particulars please!

Sorry 4 late response!
below would be the 1st 3 lines with the (welcome) page. look closely at the last tier, thats where mistake is/looks.

CakePHP Quick Development

Your database configuration file is present.

Cake probably won’t be able to connect on the database.


OKAY, I’ve never made use of CakePHP so maybe someone else can direct anyone further.

This reveals to me that a database was properly created, You either have got a typo in list. php or the user you created doesn’t have privilege to gain access to the database.

Enter MySQL create a user with Pick, Insert, Delete, Study, Create and Drop rights. Create some sort of schema called aa01, matching the project brand. Give the user rights for the newly created schema.
Future, the project would need to link to your MySQL database, just what exactly we do is definitely run the make project comand brand again. Exactly the same command string seeing that previously. On your second pass, the console actively seeks the database. Enter the schema name and the user name and also password. Cake duplicates the file \aa01\config\database. php. default, tons your newly typed in details and will save it as \aa01\config\database. php.

Resources to think about: Installation:: Developing along with CakePHP:: The Guide:: 1. 2 Assortment

Hi Harmonic
Now i’m attempting what an individual said, i’l show you how it is going… might take a little while because.. 1st need to figure out just how 2 do 50 % the tips you mentioned. like my partner and i said before, i’m new to the whole thing..

thnx for a second time!

haha, well examine the link WE posted. That may be the official documentation and also installation instructions for cakePHP.

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