Can’t decide on layout

Hello guys. I’m implementing my first CSS style and design layout. (I’m accustomed to using tables to help piece everything together)
Thought about a design construct with tables, but after learning properly with CSS Now i am starting over.
Both way-
There doesn’t sound like much to apply to the home page due to this place. (I’m making something for a flat complex) I’m not sure if I should simply url to a photos page together with a floorplan internet page. Maybe a contact page in addition. I thought maybe I could truthfully make an expandable/collapsible tree to offer details and an image within the floorplans. I even considered finding the floorplans open their particular window, where We would set a size to the window, but I’m not even sure how to undertake that or if it might even be ‘kosher’ for lack of a better word currently.
At this time I’m setting upward the page together with some welcome/intro text, and have the floorplan header together with some text and that’s about it. My previous style and design just placed the particular contact info right at the end as a footer.
Your homepage just looks like so small as well as plain with thus little on the item, but I don’t need to necessarily cram almost everything onto it often.

Every advice

Looks like you need more content on the apartment complex.

Precisely what he said, any business should be able to provide enough subject material about their area, what they should offer, the benefits of doing business with the, etc. To refill at least the home page. Forget the related to us page as well as use that about the front.

That is also where I encourage them that will put their address and number on every web page. For this particular method of business, getting the phone information where anyone looking within a high visibility site ( top perfect and bottom ) may provided visitors this information so they don’t have to look for them.

Another growing craze I’m seeing throughout sites that make use of lots of enquiries would have been a small " call us " ‘ form about the right side of every page.. Requiring simply basic information. Keep your full blown call us today page, but I’ve observed an uptick throughout basic questions currently being asked like for yourself ( do you’ve got any studio condominiums available )… Sure, you may own floorplans listed a place, but a wide range of people will ask questions as opposed to looking. That’s when any return email would provide the result and a direct link returning to the page on the website that has the words. You’d also provie an immediate link back on the full blown call us page if they’ve got further questions, and so forth.

Any recommendations on adding a small custom form like you’re speaking about I was wanting to do that but I have not used sorts before and need to learn that. Any javascript no cost ways.

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