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All right, so help me discover which layout to travel with. I’m creating a photographer’s site, and I need to know whether the header items ought to be placed inside the width of the image, or in the garden. The image inside center will become a slider, and really should be the focus from the page. With that icons inside, the page feels a bit small at 800px huge. With them outside the house, making the page 960px-ish, I’m not sure it looks appropriate.
Discover below for illustrations.


I’m keen on it with the logo in the wrapper. looks additional organised i find. You could include a margin-top with about 10 or 15px therefore it brings the emblem down abit.. at this point it looks abit far up on the top.

Inside, and make that photos larger (960 pixels wide).


Is 960px an ordinary or something It keeps approaching

yea for wrapper sizes 960px or 1000px are good to use because it means websites can be shown clearly on netbooks and some tablets.

The majority of computer screens are generally 1024px or larger. 960px allows for browser UI and some breathing room on either side in the page.

BTW, I went with 960px using the header elements inside image. It makes a fantastic bit of the particular image fall under the fold, but it really makes the shots really take middle stage. I may finish up doing collages and also cropping the photos a bit to find them above the actual fold.

George – the particular 960 grid product one way of being in a position to prototype a website design quickly and effortlessly, for viewing on various screen sizes.

Get hem here: http: //www. designbygrid. com/
and here: http: //960. gs/
and also here: http: //www. designinfluences. com/fluid960gs/

All right, I’ll do several reading up in that case.

Check that out: http: //960. gs/
I used this framework for years. It cut time and effort out of my personal code work. I’ve stopped deploying it since then, because I developed my own ring, but it’s quite useful.

Yeah, AM gave my family that link ” up ” there Thanks

I’m keen on them inside very.

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