Jumping right in here- not sure if you have a thread for this or not but I will ask about this bc My business is limited on time to look the site— my apologies beforehand.

My business is working on building a site for a buddy (Novice).. I am handling dreamweaver (I possess the full CS4 Control Collection) What I’m trying to do is produce a counter like usually the one at www. drudgereport. com (bottom right) that lists yesteryear 24hrs, month, and visits per year. I also really need to create a search function for your site, and some sort of suggestion box/tips or perhaps a contact text message area. I am TOTALLY newbie to how to get this done. I am less than the impression this would require a CGI application working in the background but I have no idea even what which means.
And this I am asking- point me while in the right direction on which to search/research/learn in addition to I’m good. Simply need to be pointed inside the correct direction and I can go learn the idea…

Thanks a million before hand and have high quality!

Search functions are often based off of any database of some kind.
Usually MySQL (in the situation of PHP). Usuallu when you use a database in order to control
the particular content, like with WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, and so on… the PHP scripting
searches the database.

Uncertain about the withstand thing. It is easier just for making up some
numbers that increase every day…. the point is definitely, what difference does it make,
and who will believe it anyhow Plainly told you our site has 1562 website visitors today,
am I telling the majority of Drudge report experienced 027, 524, 958 visitors within the last 24 hours.

So it looks like your site might be lots of static pages carried out on Dreamweaver.
In reality, it should be totally PHP/MySQL established… a dynamic site the location where the owner
could add content, revise content. The prospects can comment. There are actually social features,
REALLY SIMPLY SYNDICATION feeds, add-on, adventures, etc. Just similar to WordPress.

Many people feel, I would point one to WordPress. Find an excellent free " theme template"
to utilize and customize the item. You can use the Dreamweaver text edit mode, but anyone won’t
be using the WYSIWYG manner.

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