Change image on hover with an imagemap

Therefore, I’ve got just like a road sign who has several signs which work to be buttons for you to pages. Those are some type of polygons with a number of sides. I’d like them to change appearance on hover. What would be the best ways to implement this They are not rectangular or flat straight.

Can you give us a url to the actual URL so we could see the image you’ve got mapped

My thought is that you need to use Flash rather than HTML mapping.
But I need it first.

I don’t possess the image with me at the moment, but it’s one of these street signs that will I’m using.

http: //www. sharnoffphotos. com/human_world/human_patterns/hpt_img/nyc_street_signswtmk. jpg

Mine has those signs pointing with a bit different directions women and men idea is the very same. And the point is the fact I don’t wish to use flash to develop up this web page. So I is able to use xhtml, css, probably javascript too needless to say.

And do you bit stupid to change the complete big image with rollover, at least considering the first load.

Here’s an interesting idea….

http: //www. tankedup-imaging. com/css_dev/rollover. html

If fails with IE6. 0 because the PNG transparency challenge,
but I think you could get around that.


We’d consider using jQuery and also CSS. Place your personal signs using complete positioning where you need them and in comparison with add the move over affect with a jquery script.

this is a post on how to achieve the photograph roll-over affect with jquery..

http: //www. dotticontra. org/devel/javascript/jquery_image_rollover. html

I am hoping this helps.

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