Choosing A Domain Name

My business is named GeekQuad. I’m preparation to buy a domain name for it. Geekquad. com is actually taken. Does anyone foresee a problem with geek-quad. com

Everthing depends on what on earth is already on one other site, if someone not noted the dash, as much people do, where will your potential customers end up

Just my opinion, but the dashes are not just a good thing to your domain name, you’d be improved off ( for me ), with the. net,. biz,. us (assuming you’re us based)…

Even geekquad and also the initials of metropolis or state you are located in, that. com is probably the most associated domain extendable, especially to newcomers towards web.

Whether or not your main marketing efforts is going to be search engine linked, and users shall be clicking the buttons, returning traffic may possibly type it inside if it’s memorable. I have 1 client that about 40% in their traffic monthly is actually direct, which means either these are typing it in or they have got a bookmark.

Individually, I think several of other choices to explore before picking a dash.

Just my opinion.

All great points. I’m hence glad I inquired before I identified one. I don’t would like to use my location or state because I might not live here forever. Hmm. I’ll mull it over even more. Thanks!

squadgeek. com can be purchased.
eekzquad. com can be purchased.

What do you see geekquadwd. com

thegeekquad. com can be purchased too!

geekquadwd. com… challenging to remember.

thegeekquad. com… is way better.

I think we’ve found a winner!

There ya go, even better.

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