Don’t delay the switch. I just switched to chrome because of the growing number of problems with firebug and ff around gen. I have utilized it previously limited to cross checking but this thing is definitely FAST and little did i understand, has it’s private tools so i won’t be missing firebug both.

I’ve been using Chrome for a few months and it’s so much better for ME PERSONALLY than IE and also FF. No accidents whatsoever and v. rapid. I also such as, although I don’t know if this is unique, the ability to highlight a sheet of text, i. e. " Nikon F3", right click and also the option to google search for it appears. quite handy.

Im all for any switch, but first I want to know, is there an upgraded in Chrome for any " DownloadHelper" Add-on within FF

It’s component to the Google toolbar. If you highlight a sheet of text, you can then search for it with the toolbar.

microphone, not sure just what the downloader toy is. BUT! primarily i utilize a netbook and ff kept the cpu on around 80% AT ALL TIMES and that ended up being at rest. chrome runs from about 2% in rest and spikes around around 70% upon page load then drops back off. everything else runs faster because of this.

Yep it is just a bit of your resource hog, also it sure likes to take its sweet time to begin with, but I are so customized with the tools I include learned to count on, that I cant provide it up at this time.

Incidentally, Download Helper is often a. flv down loader i always use daily.

I consider you Dorky. I made the switch to Chrome last month so far have not necessarily missed FF. I decided moving around because FF appears to be getting slower and slower to begin with. The bonus similar to you mentioned is a inspect element device in Chrome which for me is good enough with regards to Firebug.

i also used chrome before plus yes i admit who’s load the webpages faster than alternative browser like ff. will chrome have addons such as searchStatus in ff

You’ll need to check, more tend to be added everyday, unfortunately, the add-ons I want are not offered yet.

Google is a new Microsoft in the end!! LOL

I used to be the FireFox fan boy until a few months ago when I gave chrome a significant try.

I helpful to hate its simple UI, but now POST hate loading FF and having to check out its bulkyness!

Having no separation of an search bar plus nav bar is great too! Loads pages rapidly and i’ve have zero compatibility troubles or crashes for it at all.

The only reason I ever previously use FF now is made for some SEO applications and FireBug.

I have used chrome for some time I find it considerably faster than other browsers We have used.

Rapid, sleek, simple, " Googlicious"

Have got to confess ive always been a fan of firefox. Used to do try chrome a while ago but discovered it felt not finished. Thanks for that tip, ill see how it really is now.

Yes I totally concur! Google Chrome is actually amazing and sooo much better than IE (even right after IE 9 followed out). Firefox is excellent but it needs to be a bit speedier like chrome.

recently.. im using search engines chrome.. but also im using FF, that beta version.. i love ff about tabs handling

Choose Chrome! I’ve learned to perform a few points in Chrome i always kind of overlooked in FF. Much like the faviconize tabs, where you can minimize the tab towards size of your favicon. In Chrome that can be done this by suitable clicking a tab and choosing " Pin Tab". What’s so cool concerning this No add-on needed.

faviconize tabs wow.. thanks with regard to sharing that info.. thumbsup for chrome

I used to be into FF as soon as it first became available, but it grew to become so bloated. I’ve gone Chrome without looked back. Its built-in dom inspector in addition to console is top-notch as well as gets better along with each release. I love the way the plugins and topics are installed and not having to restart the cell phone browser.

If you undertake a lot involving search, you can convert the URL bar to perform quick searches. Within Preferences > Basics > Search, select Manage Search Applications… This allows to specify which search engine you want to use and increase a keyword for this. For example, in order to search YouTube rapidly, you can set the keyword that will ‘y’. In that URL bar, that can be done ‘y funny videos’. This will likely search YouTube with regard to funny videos.

Another neat thing is the URL bar can even be used as a calculator. If you type 5+5, you’ll get =10.

I encourage non-Chrome users to give it a try. There’s a reason Chrome has had an enormous growth in industry share.

Over time I too obtained sick of firefox, I think as much extensions were probably at fault. I can’t are living without Chrome now aside from when I’m employed in Adwords – MY SPOUSE AND I hate that Chrome freezes inside it.

One particular really neat attribute of Chrome is enabling faster seeking.

Goto Choices > Basics > Search and tick your box – the actual page loads as you type it in to the address bar and likelihood is its probably charged before you’ve finished typing in the URL.

With quick research enabled I don’t believe the calculator works unless you want to do it to be a Google search.

i try what you said to type 5+5 in the url., but it route to google search with the keyword 5+5.

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