CMS for editing existing site?

Hello – newbie below!

I found this great site from google

Consequently, I already have created a site in html as well as php.. but i’d prefer to make component to the site editable via an admin games console or something.

I don’t want a complete blown CMS…

I’ve taken a review of concrete5, some web coding edit etc.

do you have any out generally there I found cushy etc but i would prefer it for being hosted on my own ring server.


Give Heart beat a try. Heartbeat CMS – Manage Content, Simply

It has the perfect for controlling smaller sites. Them uses include information to reference this updatable content, this means you only need to be familiar with very basic php to be able to implement. No templating motor or databases.

Your downside, however, usually it’s more of the content editor than a manager, meaning you can not create or remove pages as a like a Serious CMS. You would still ought to create new pages in the traditional way.

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