Code to place website so that it flushes next to browser window & doesn’t leave space

Hello there – I’m doing website for any project, and need to learn the proper coding (or exactly where to define inside a css) so that the borders of this website are flushed up against the browser window in the top and kept sides, and will not leave " light space". I identified table properties with my stylesheet when follows:
margin: 0px;
eventually left: 0px;
best: 0px;
proper: 0px;
underlying part: 0px;

however that didn’t aid.
bless you

Show us a check out the website so we are able to see how you might have it layed-out.
With no seeing it, there’s almost no we can do.

I don’t have it on a server yet. It’s for just a class, which will be posted on the school server, which isn’t accessible. I thought there was clearly a universal coding for positioning to ensure it flushes accordingly. It’s just any basic layout with table and major navigation. My instructor included it in school (it was the one thing I didn’t put in writing! )

There isn’t a universal " coding"… because it’s not necassary to be using < table> tags pertaining to page layout. Always be using CSS (cascade model sheets). And correct make use of XHTML/CSS.

In case your instructor has that < table> licence plate in any connected with his/her lessons, and a person using tabular records, I would discuss this with them, and have them update their program material. They ought not be teaching of which, even in any basic HTML class. period.


I suppose I had not been clear, I was using Dreamweaver, and found i just needed that will Modify> Page Properties for the css margins. Not any table tags…

ALRIGHT, so everything is usually good now

is good.

the code answer to this is body margin: 0px; .

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