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I’m still learning various ways to style in addition to design websites. There is one sort of design that I would really prefer to know additional about.

Evaluate this website WE found: http: //route19designs. com/Solis/index. html code. Examine the foundation. I have seen backgrounds in this way on many sites. Do you generate that effect through multiple images plus coding, or is the item simply one substantial image that suits up with the remaining page

It’s actually a 1px wide impression that repeats under the x axis. After that, the background color is focused to the same color because bottom-most pixel in the image.

The banner height must match the the superior part of that background and top margin ought to be set at " 0" to all or any match up.

That is what I idea. Thanks for a person’s help.

It could be easier to make use of a solid brown background, and do a gradient to the background of that silver divs. There’s no need to do things how they’ve done it. Not to mention, it makes the item a pain receiving everything lined upwards, you can’t permit your divs in order to expand, and changing sizes and situations requires recreating that background image.

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