College majors

Which will college major can i take if I plan to be a web designer/developer

Custom or Developer…. not the same thing.


I can design and acquire. Are you saying there’s no major encompassing each

Not definitely…

Pattern is more with regards to graphics, graphic program, HTML5, Flash, CSS, floor plans.

Development is about " how the item works". Server-side scripting, databases, PHP, ASP, AJAX,
MySQL, host functions… all with the programming software equally client side and also server side.

Not many of us are good on both, and while in the college level, We would say development is
planning to be " computer science major", and design might be " graphic arts". A course that
offers both is more of any Tech School form of setting Possibly the college like
Full Sail may fit more into both for the same time


Precisely what mlseim said. You’re investigating a double major in case you are going to take that off. Not that it’s really a bad goal, but it surely probably won’t be easy going.

Not just that, you’re going to have a problem in that , you’re going to potentially should unlearn two distinct sets of problematic information (design along with development).

Privately, I’d suggest going down the development option just because there are numerous people who might draw pretty pictures, but very number of good coders in existence.

Yeah full sail has exactly what i described also bad it’s with florida..
Hmm maybe I can go down this development route, and take graphic design being a minor or some thing.

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