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The mom wants a commenting system at her site of which I’m making, something under the lines of your guestbook sorta factor. For testimonials.
I’m strictly from the idea – MY PARTNER AND I explained about spammers, entrepreneurs, malware etc, but her opinion will not budge. (she realize almost nothing abot online, unfortunately: / ) Anyway.. Ever guys know any kind of (preferably) free pieces of software that accomplish this following

  • captcha
  • one of the: user has that will enter special code(will have access to by my mom) to be able to post OR i get to choose what illustrates and what isn’t going to (sorta unethical)
  • I can be an admin of the full thing

Even though I’ve tried to avoid it, I think it’s crossing in to the CMS area, of which I know null concerning.

PHP or perhaps ASP

I’ve written various in ASP and maybe they are pretty to carry out…

You are doing know that every CMS out there includes a CAPTCHA plugin, but you should find a IP blocking plugin because bulk of spammers come through the same areas…

I’ve an OLD WP install sitting around, it’s been in place about 4-5 several weeks now and I have gotten over 600 spam submissions in the 1 post on the site, I intentionally don’t use captcha on it so I’ll supplement some other scripts I work with to harvest dodgy bot’s, site scrapers plus spammers IP addresses so I could update my DB’s which might be protecting several with my clients web-sites.

That’s intelligent!
I realize very little PHP no ASP, so the easier to implement it really is, the better it would be.

so WHAT is definitely she currently using static pages some kind of CMS what form of server is your lady on

I made regarding 30() statis internet pages + contact page by using a PHP script. And many jQuery for this nav. Free server for the present time.
http: //vmt. comxa. com/

The way it free… ‘ I suppose apart from have any db support

yeah it can. take a appearance:
http: //www. 000webhost. com/features

I’ve an idea.
Build a folder called tasks on dolidzedesign. com, and put it around there
less difficult than using free crap 000webhost

Good plan!

Leave it as long as to me that they are brilliant
Jk… lol

wordpress will continue to work. it auto detects spammers and shows your mom the authority to simply accept comments or not think them. itts less difficult than policing it to the frontend itself.

All right, I guess I’m going to have to learn how to use wordpress. Does someone do the remark system via plug-in, or perhaps what

O . k, I got around the Authentication Beginning steps-initial in WP installing, but I’m not sure the way to turn. It tells us to either mount in my main or subdirectory. Can i follow these steps whether or not I want to only use it for a specific page on our site

Ahhh dude, this stuff is usually simple with several php pages to keep it procedural. WordPress is very good but only to recreate your total site within the idea. Which is straightforward enough!

You can get captcha scripts for php if you would like. There is an easy method of having a 0-9 +/- 0-9 maths amount which tends to do just as well very easily when you wanted. Depends just how much traffic the web site gets really.

One can have a 1 web site content manager also if you needed. Set up your fixed username and also password and just utilize it to manage the guestbook, add ip’s on the ban list or remove in the ban list that may be in the database.

I do not have enough PHP knowledge to create it myself.. I do want one page manager. Are you able to throw together some steps for me to follow via where I left off

Convinced man, here are usually some steps, give them away a go in case you get stuck I’ll try and help you learn it (probably turn out making it for yourself ).

  1. You have to create two tables within your database. A guestbook kitchen table (id, guest_name, guest_email, guest_message, message_date, ranking, approved) and IP ban kitchen table (id, ip_address, date)
  2. You should set up some dummy content in case you have phpMyAdmin to your guestbook table, the first step should be to get this content to signify on a web page!
  3. Create your guestbook page for your public to find. You’ll need to figure out how to connect to the particular database and how to then fetch records with an sql query (there are kabillionz of tutorials in this on the interwebs)
  4. Perhaps on a similar page underneath this you might want to start just that has a HTML form which often contains textboxes pertaining to name and mail. A textarea for your main message, and to chuck in some sort of rating then perhaps a drop down box with options 1-5. Also throw within a hidden field along with name of " action" and value of " submit_review" or perhaps something.
  5. You should probably use post in this data, post on the same page you’re on.
  6. You have to then do, at the top of your page, an if statement to check on if action isset, if it is == that will " submit_review" then if it is, submit this data on the database with a great insert query.

That should be the first step. Once you have this done, you must probably move that will validation. So checking should the fields actually contain content in case the email address is due to the correct structure and all this. But let me learn how you get on using the above list anyway.

Create the tables inside same database that wp uses, right
Sounds really complex but I’ll take it in baby actions. Thank you so much for the help!

You don’t need WordPress if you are using his solution, lol

Also.. I thought this individual was helping along with WP.
That is definitely cool though, I had been trying to stay clear of WP anyway.

Avoid WP unless you wish to redo the whole site inside it…

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