My own mom’s demanding that we put a responses section on your ex site (probably ought to be with login).
I don’t know how to even get rolling! What languages do I want to find out and will it take a while

Try Disqus.

In the event that that won’t complete, you could probably get a php/mysql-based comment method through Google that anyone can implement easily more than enough.

Maybe your mom will want to install a WordPress site rather than really use it for your blog,
but still have comments feature. WordPress is not only for blogs any more.


Consider the good try what Ronald advised. I want to utilize WordPress as final resort.

Precisely why WordPress is good!

Okay, great. Second to very last. I want to generate things of my own though.

Second to last it usually is… but I make sure you, you can LOVE it!

hahah ok then I’ll good it a result when I’m certainly not busy. Is it easy to understand

Yes. you don’t have coding required, it usually is updated and themes could be installed with the click in the button…

It’s everything regarding the theme people install.
Here’s a WordPress site that’s less like any blog…
but still has every one of the WP features (if they desire to use them).
schoharievalleywatch. org

In which theme was obtained, but there are numerous free themes obtainable.
The themes that you simply pay for are often better (in my opinion).
They may be the authors have put additional effort into them.


Possibly not true. Some of the WordPress customizations and mods do need some coding. As an example, if you prefer to add a WeatherAlert applet, you’re visiting have to get into sidebar. php as well as possibly footer. php to undertake it.

Largely true, but not necessarily.

I do not want themes though. I already have the site made

No coding becomes necessary for a basic wordpress site.

Well, you already have your blog made… so, you’ll need to Google all you can
related to:

Little else we can say over it. You’ll have a gazillion areas to consider…
Customer log-in (or not), being used comments (or not), captcha, what type of editor (RTF),
how comments will probably be saved, sorted, allocated to articles (or paragraphs), archiving, exploring…

Best of luck. Let us recognize how it’s going.


Ok, I’ll start reading on that.

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