Common flash gallery

Heya guys

was just wondering what the common web flash gallerys tend to be.

theres a style we like, when you check out the image it pops up with a pleasant grey border and we have a little black x inside the bottom right side corner i ont really know what its called hence its a little nearly impossible to find anything to do from it.

but yeah when you guys could reccomend any flash / java gallerys it would be very helpful

this town is also intriguing, when you visit the picture it is going to come up well.
http: //confession. bigcartel. com/product/face-tee

kind regards

Of study course, you have your ever-popular " LightBox", then there’s this 1:
http: //www. no-margin-for-errors. com/projects/prettyphoto-jquery-lightbox-clone/

thats one i was seeking

kind regards man

You may even want to consider The mootools versions of lightbox, you could prefer their your local library over jquery.

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