Complete beginner, could realy use some help.

Howdy everybody, i feel wandering if another person could help my home out, i designed a niche site in front web site and followed a tutorial to make a login web site that uses the database to retail store usernames and passwords, then i installed a free chat page that we found.

My problem will be before my site members implement the chat there’re asked for a nickname, how am i allowed to stop it getting a nickname and also just automatically make use of the username that some people use to get access to my web-site.

Provode chek out your site as well as the chat you employed….

the site is not really finished yet but suggestions the page when using the chat

phpFreeChat- Sources Index

Website Login page:
Fresh Page 6

Website register page:
http: //www. nealeweb. com/reg. php

Site where i obtained the chat:
phpFreeChat : Web2. 0 AJAX cost-free chat server – Downloads

The condition is not with all your site, but together with your chat program.
Consider the official web site: phpFreeChat – Web2. 0 AJAX cost-free chat server – Advanced configuration

Wow, thankyou so much, only problem will be i understand that they are saying that it usually is done, but what do i actually do with that bit of script (im some sort of code/script dumbass). im so exited, i cant wait till this can be all over along with done with.

Please look at their tutorials as well as support forums! If you’re still having problem I’d be glad to determine what I are able to do.

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