[Complete n00b to web development] Need suggestions on how to code this mockup ..

HOWDY guys… Well We have a little part-time selling thing happening as a pastime, and I’m wanting to make a really basic web page through which customers can indicate which items they need to buy, and what custom options they demand for organizations options.. As they are making selections, an overall displayed on the best side keeps changing of showing the update total cost depending on the options selected with the user.. So its kind of like what you view on custom computer building sites where users select selections to customize its machines.. In the completed the user gets into their email address inside a box and clicks on a button, which sends me an email with the complete configuration chosen because of the user so i always can examine the idea..

Listed here is a basic mockup We’ve just made on what I want to acquire:

http: //img638. imageshack. us/img638/4472/myimage3. png (I tried that will put the image in however it didn’t work for some reason: / )

To be honest I have encounter in developing offline executable programs applying C++, C#, Espresso, etc.. But We have never done almost any web development… I dont have experience in coding throughout ANY web progression language (apart out of basic HTML i always tried years ago), so terms like AJAX, CSS, Javascript, Perl, Python, for example, are completely unknown if you ask me.. But I can certainly learn, thats no problem.. In fact, the key reason why I want to create this is to also make an attempt to learn web advancement… So I need some help with how to do coding this…

1) Like what language regarded as a use to computer code this
2) Any recommended tutorials I’ll go through which have sample code too
3) Any IDEs which may be used to ease the programming process
4) Any already available template codes I’ll study maybe

Any suggestions are most welcome also..

I know Allow me to probably buy template site codes which are prompted to go, but I want to code this myself so I learn many web development things in the deal too…

Also, I dont think it needs to be that hard to help code.. All you can find, is just a variety of checkboxes, which when checked or unchecked change the sum of the amount shown.. and then the email thing simply reads the statuses of all checkboxes and posts me an email containing this information…

In time I intend to incorporate more stuff to it to create it more effective, and maybe possibly add PayPal payment integration in the end as well, for example…

I have several web hosting domain names available, and I will put this on one of these..

Thanks earlier for all ones help guys..

Good, as far while learning basic web page design code stuff,
http: //www. w3schools. com/ fantastic resource.

You might want to look into buying a pre-made shopping cart script for example Zen Cart, for example.
Only a thought.

Yeap, w3schools is great to begin with.
For what you would like, you will probably really need to code in PHP, and here are some great tutes for it. It’s a fine language, and because you did programming, you’ll get it in a minute.

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