compress videos size

i would like to upload training videos on my internet site,
-which format i need to use
-how get rid of the size of videos
-any tutorial or link where allow me to learn

dont know to much about this topic. however, i recognize that flash may be the new wave associated with video format. divx has good video compression and there are divx web players.

review flash video (. flv)

might get you started

I’m not only a video expert nevertheless I read a great article recently and also I took a few notes. Here can be what the post recommended:
1) Apply 640×480 resolution
2) Apply 4: 3 element ratio
3) Apply 30fps frame rate
4) Apply either MP3 or MPEG-4
5) Along with MPEG-4, use both DivX or Xvid codec.
6) DivX is good but Xvid is usually free and just like good.
Likewise, consider loading your video on Youtube or another training video website (blip. tv, dailymotion, metacafe, veoh, and many others. ) and then check out it from your internet site. It will save your valuable bandwidth.

Well, 4: 3 ratio is a good choice, however for format Everybody prefer FLV or F4V with all the flowplayer plugin.

thanks buddies
its a big bonus: -P.

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