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I’ve been working on an engineering/tech internet site for my university. I have all of the pages ready. These days, I’m playing all-around with colors to see what looks better than before. I have got a week until classes starts, so that is definitely how long Concerning until I article it.

Below, I have SEVERAL designs with numerous color schemes with the CONTENT AREA. Inside screenshots, I placed the mouse over one of the links in your left nav so you can see what it looks like on hover. Please pick what people think looks best. In case you have any other suggestions for any design, feel free of charge to post all of them.

Here i will discuss the designs (they are labeled through the color of your content area’s background):




#363636 (with national boundaries separating left nav out of content area):

In case you have seen this web site before, you may notice which i am not with all the jQuery navigation. I’ve decided to produce this website 100% excavation, and not apply any online screenplays. In the means of creating these innovative designs, the font improved. That has a little distorted the " Introduction" and " News" box. They should contain the same height. The font I will be using is due to the original pattern.

If you need to see the original design, follow this particular link:
http: //my-testing-area. netne. net/Engineering_Tech_Index. php

#1. Best using contrast.

Do we agree. #1

#1 could be the obvioius choice
#2 could be good also, in case you used a lighter in taste grey and african american text. Especially within the titles.

#2, it fits inside best.
Why did you choose to make the web site 100% yours I loved the nav you had. Is this regarding ethical or suitable reasons

I’m within a school club labeled TSA (Technology College student Association). In this specific club, I contend in regional, condition, and national competitions. I’m going to help enter this internet site into this impending year’s competitions. This website can make it in order to nationals. I don’t need to be disqualified for acquiring scrips that aren’t mine.

Here is a brief description of the competition:

Participants (one staff of three to be able to five members per chapter) should design, build and launch a Online site that attributes the schools vocation and technology knowledge program, the TSA section, and the chapters capability to research topics per technology. Conference semifinalists attend an on-site interview to demonstrate the knowledge plus expertise gained during the development of the website having an emphasis on Internet and online history, web design (school, chapter and also design brief pages), and research about cutting edge advances in know-how.

It is going into more fine detail. MY team should DESIGN and Produce a website. Using another person’s scripts is really a grey area for the BUILD part.

yeah, I understand now. Good luck within the competitions!

Everyone He doesn’t have luck. He’s seeing go kick a number of ass with your help.

Website development isn’t really ‘big" inside area I are in. The Regional in addition to state competitions are easy. At state 2009, half of this competition used web themes and got disqualified pertaining to not BUILDING and DESIGNING his or her websites. Anyone whom actually built their particular websites, obviously had no idea easy methods to do it since my 7 yr old brother could design an improved website. The national level of competition is where all of the real competitors will be.

It’s pretty similar here. Whenever there ever ended up design/development competitions, half folks would be pulled out for template/script make use of. There’s a genuine knowledge gap here in the Greater Toronto Region. Not sure if it could go as long as provincial, though.

I wanna try this out… No idea where to sign up, our school doesn’t do it. They just had a weak website development class for Three years where they merely put students who didn’t wind up in other classes. Thats actually how I got into it. I had been going to require a Java class, however it filled ” up “, and they placed me in website design. Best thing that happened to me in high university.

TSA is surely an international organization. You could often look for a school that does contain the club. You could probably tag along along.

The amount of competition depends on your geographical area. Here, regional and say are easy because few people study website design. Where you stay, there could are more people that determine what they are undertaking. This year, nationals will be hosted in Nashville, TN.

adammarleymtts: in case you make one more post of one’s next 10 that clearly indicates that you simply haven’t read the post, I am visiting ban you because it will be all but a since you’re inflating a person’s post count while using future intent of sticking within a backlink for " SEO" requirements.

Are we allowed to try and do that if we have been actually trying to develop the thread and as an alternative to posting random communications

Yeah, but it really doesn’t do a bit of good SEO-wise.

after you mentioned TSA i planned these people:
http: //www. tsa. gov/

I’m referring to these Technology College student Association. Here is actually their website: http: //www. tsaweb. org/

Do what Fit a link as part of your signature Absolutely. You might be actually putting believed into what you might be doing and that you’re well past your 25-post mark. Proceed nuts, buddy… inside of reason.

Fantastic, thanks.

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