Content vs Design

Here I’d like people to focus on ‘Content vs Design’ when building a site. If you as well as a visual concept after which you can fit the content for the design or if the content is coded first after which styled.

Here are a few obvious arguments to be made.

" An internet site . must be effortless to read nevertheless interesting enough to maintain the user along at the site and
should you hook the user they may consume the subject matter. "


" The sole intent behind a website when to project information available as one way or another plus its
paramount obtain the information across immediately and concisely"

Im interested to take note of your views…

My opinion…

" It depends on whether that you’re selling something, and also providing information".

Selling, like a organization with items or something on sale… you need to allow them
the knowledge right-away. Let them reach the items they really want to buy immediately,
and do your best to get these individuals to grab their mastercard and buy.

Yet, if you tend to be an artist, musician, or have some type of site that can be created to
provide information (which could be in many forms), then may better to give
all of them some " sugar" on the main page, and lure these individuals into diving deeper into your blog.

You can observe where these two different types of websites are really different from each alternative.

Evaluate Amazon. com for example. They’ve pretty a great deal kept their site design the same
each one of these years. The reason Because it works. period. You do not see them putting
extravagant Flash or " imaginative eye candy" on their main web site.

On the other hand, look at the actual Discovery Channel:
Exposure Channel: Science, History, Space, Tech, Sharks, News
It’s about hooking the visitor to your site with graphics, video tutorial, trailers, etc.


Bogus dichotomy. I can’t stand the paths that forces its promoters down, once they’ve picked out one or one other. You miss a lot more of opportunities this way.

Ever hear of a headline and physique copy that properly targets the prospect — n’t any random visitor, the prospect. How are you affected when the creator greeks the text after which you can has no real thought of how the pattern could support creating — but did not.

How are you affected is you’ve created a content irrelevant style and design. You could fall in text at a plumber, a baker, the candle stick maker to the layout. You’d understand the difference. No one else would.

A distressing assumption perhaps there is will never be what written on that site that includes a chance of capturing attention. Maybe this is a self fulfilling prophesy because it sure enough seems like that.

Let’s go one other way. Attention. Fine, I’ll show a guy doing a backflip. Interest had.

Protestations to the contrary, attention is easily had. Knowing where to start with it once you have got it… that’s your hard part. And I see a great deal of designers like most dogs chomping on vehicle bumpers, unsure of what from the heck to complete next.

Engineering best practice stands between style from written content, content from composition, and structure from the rest.

Design best train makes darned sure you reintegrate those pieces in a coherent manner to serve some function.

Handful of forget that 1st part. One heck of lots of people think that next step just goes on by magic.

Style has no " this" opposed to " that" dichotomies. Style overthrows the domination of " or" as well as embraces the wizard of " as well as. "

Want a photo of a guy doing a backflip around the top page Good, then show how we tailor clothes keeps critical electronics from becoming extremely expensive paperweights when the particular fly every which in turn way.

If not, the design is usually a neon advertisement screaming, like a sugared in place four-year-old, " evaluate me. " Too many sites want to get the creator hired, and personalisation Adobe, Jquery, and Web 2. 0 — instead of performing the designer was hired for.

Wish a portfolio element Try tripling that client’s sales.

I swear internet websites sold more copies of CS4 than the service or product the sites have been for.

Try developing an infographic concerning the client’s selling proposition rather then making Jquery and Mootools proper politically correct type of Flastrubation.

It’s for a perv exposing himself about the subway thinking when he wraps himself inside the flag to get it done all is forgiven.


" Acquiring Real" design hint: Just say very little to Lorem Ipsum Will not estrange writing from the design supposing to aid it.

Five More Ideas Of Effective Web site design applies the copywriting blueprint AIDA to web design — Attention, Interest, Desire, Action

Time to understand the whole formulation, and get off the gimmicky fascination together with attention alone. Individuals who feel cheated for attending to don’t become buyers.

Radiohead Album Available for Free, But Fileshared Nevertheless Musicians are notorious for their " sweet tooth" relating to a little sugar using a site. Screwball design by another name is no less screwy.

You simply can’t roll your wrist band in sugar in addition to expect users not to flee.

DC856…. incredible.
I have no idea what that all means, but it reads journey tongue very nicely.

as well as…

anywhere before, I’ve seen in which perv wrapped in a flag.

What’s an infographic Layout and content — dramatizing your client.

Flashing is getting attention for the expense of the reason for the site.

Style either supports subject matter, or it are appropriate against it. You simply can’t start, greek, and finish a website and expect the form to support the particular content.

And back to the " what if your an artist" declaration. Say you are usually in fact an musician and performer. Your content is your works be this music, painting, visual design etc. Therefore, doesn’t building a website that showcases your work become written content based Given the nature of this product.

Just like DC856 said. Web dev/designers can advertise a product. Do we desire to just grab attention having a ‘shazam’ graphic or maybe are we visiting respect our site visitors and give them a concise site promoting our item.

I’m liking exactly where this thread is going. Thanks for the actual replies.

I love the view of Info vs Product or service.

To do, at the end with the day. It doesn’t matter if it truly is either. They both tend to be content and ought to delivered to each of their own target audiences. I do agree shipping and delivery need the most recent animations to task the differences somewhere between communism and capitalism but with that said isn’t a great way to support your content with a good system

Would you come back to the website this is a start white background when using the classic 12px black font… or the positioning using rich colors and divided sections with maybe a few graphics

Such a misguided view. Not merely one in fifty designers can produces a " shazam graphic" from the client product. Doesn’t even enter in their consciousness just as one option.

Handful of, if any, may paint a " phrase picture" with text message. What does A listing Apart have to say Calling All Makers: Learn to Generate!

What do tests show Your webblog doesn’t ought to be pretty. Looks matter, but not in the way graphic artists would like them to. Message to advertise match trumps generic pretty.

This is a testable proposition almost no in the content versus vs design camp is ever going to test.

In addition, there’s no data VERSUS product. We are meant to be in the internet age. Every product carries a massive information component. You’re just defining information in a primitive way.


Jewelboxing is concerning a CD situation. Yet, somehow, the designer acted for a designer, and didn’t take the default position that this product was one of the most boring part with the design.

J Peterman For all you insistence they usually are artistes, it is beyond the skills of almost all designers to produce your message pictures and illustrations in the J Peterman directory.

I don’t think there’s a theme " Articles vs Design" : best site is usually content+design balanced

I believe Justteen there. I do believe, no matter what site you’ve got, it needs to produce great content and at the very least, good solid layout. If I happened apon a site this had great info I got looking for, yet lacked design, I wouldn’t refuse to leave. If a web site had great design but crappy data, same case.

I do believe both, content plus design, go in hand.

Check available Jesse James Garret’s " Factors of User Design". When building an internet site . certainly branding shows up into play about the " surface" core but before in which comes strategy, chance, structure, etc. The content ought to be considered as completely separate with the visual elements with the site.

Zero. If that ended up true, content and vision elements could contradict or neutralize 1 another. You CONSIDER these people as all portion of the same website — you independent these elements When using the Intention All Parts Must Share data As a Coherent WHOLE.

What is simple best train for nice, well ordered markup and code is a disaster when that escapes the confines of blog construction.

The chance of the separation of everything from everything else is usually DISINTEGRATED design. Where you’ve got a loose collection of resume stuffing gimmicks that don’t come togethe

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