convert docx to html

i can convert docx files having images, clip arts to be able to HTML without changing look.
While, Word itself may this but just isn’t very neat in this.. Can you suggest an instrument for this

http: //word2cleanhtml. com/ Give that a whirl. But really, you should just write some HTML PAGE, it’s easy!

but that isn’t going to allow pasting clip martial arts styles / images

Very well, Word embeds the images, HTML demands linking to outside files. I’d suggest building your individual HTML, or downloading Dreamweaver or like that. You’ll get yourself a better site as compared with Word could actually generate anyway, that may be just not exactly what it’s for.

You can actually run a PDF I guess, most web browsers can actually place them so that’s a simple but flawed solution.

According to the version. Both 2003 along with 2007 have plugins that has to be installed to " distribute to HTML", however from seeing the best way they work, 2003 is hit as well as mIss. If you utilize tables to support the content in that 2003 word doc. It does ok, but no dining tables and you’re virtually rolling the dice.

2007 is usually a little better, however is not much.

We’ve a client in which uses it once in a while to publish a few documents on his or her intranet, but no linking is finished in the true document.

If you should probably keep the very same layout, look as well as feel, I’d in addition suggest publishing these as pdf’s.

One advantage in order to PDF is that you can batch convert Hundreds of documents at the same time. And since adobe reader is readily accessible, it works in case you have a lot connected with documents to convert and it’s not necessary to check each and every document to ensure the conversion did not screw something up.

thanks webzarus. Doing tables in doctor gives better end result than before.

I also had a dilemma with this conversion so Im truly glad this topic was raised.

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