Converting Excel for Use in Webpage

Hello there,

Ive created a quiz inside a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet. The way it works is usually that the quiz asks questions in a single column and the user answers those questions inside adjacent column. I have decided that I want to try to be able to integrate this quiz suitable website. Leaving it as a possible Excel spreadsheet would likely require people in order to download it, that’s a hassle, and doesn’t have the professional touch which i am looking intended for. Something in this format will be perfect.

Concerning extremely limited website development experience (Dreamweaver). Is what We are trying to achieve something that could be learned and completed in Dreamweaver, or is presently there other software for you to would recommend The main obstacle I see is the fact I used a great deal of formulas in Excel website marketing the quiz answers – can one export the quiz beyond Excel and in to the new program Might this require custom programming I have never done every programming before, but I’d be willing to master some basic lisenced users if needed.

MY PARTNER AND I appreciate any aid or suggestions.


http: //www. asp101. com/samples/xl. asp < — this would get you going. You’ll have to how to build forms in addition to things, but this would let you get back the info.

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