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I’d like to see some info about copyright law for the website I ‘m doing. The website will be a directory record of extreme physical activities.

I wish to have cartoon pics connected with extreme sports on various pages. I need to know if copyright applies to images that were created using genuine, copyrighted pics while referances.

Spending 1000s of rands on share photos just is not a viable option personally right now.


Depends on the country, but if it is a general caricature of the bmx’er doing an inverted superman, I’d guess you can be safe as long as there’s nothing identifiable from the pic.

There isn’t any easy answer to the present.

After you say " making use of… as references" don’t you mean you’re visiting re-draw them by hand, or do you mean you’ll use some kind of computer tool in order to cartoonise them

Should the former then I’d imagine you’re moderately okay, because exactly what you’re doing is actually creating something different; albeit based upon somebody else’s graphic. Just make sure it’s not 100% identical and it becomes difficult to prove.

If the latter then I do believe you’re in a lot more dodgy territory because fundamentally it will likely be the copyrighted image, albeit fiddled related to with. Rather for instance taking " Candle inside Wind" by Elton David, playing it about bongo drums and xylophone then releasing it as a single… sure that Elton probably have something to say regarding it.

Copyright is really a dangerous thing… some get away with huge liberties, some are unlucky and turn out in loads of mess… tread cautiously…


its going in the form of flash site so i’d be doing the item in either pen or freehand. I guess im just visiting have to ensure they are when different as i could. Thanks for a person’s help!

This indicates that copy wright law means to certainly copy.

Recently one of clients content appeared to be entirely copied.

The website which copied this content is fortunately on page 6TH of google.

Therefore , the damage is executed what next

I see no solution apart from sending mails
But atleast you’ll be able to check who is actually copieng your copy.

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Copyright regulation was originally regarding providing copying privileges. Nowadays it’s come to be more about removing them…

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