Couple quick Q’s to help me improve my css technique – help much appreciated

Hello all,

So I have been previously working on an affiliate site for my colleague in the office whilst he can be away. I’d like kid improve the total styling of the item as i carry out so, so it’s easier for him to do further changes as well as additions when he has been back.

1) If you ever see this page with the site on IE7: http: //d993110. u183. pipeten. co. uk/who-we-are/ (and almost every other subpage) you will see there is a lot of space between the particular navigation and the beginning of the main content. I wondered perhaps there is a less-hacky knack of fixing this intended for IE7 that giving all the main content prohibit a positioning to shunt it way up or margin and also something

2) If you ever see the very little quotation boxes to the right hand side of your page: http: //d993110. u183. pipeten. co. uk/who-we-are/, (I own attached a screenshot showcasing this quotation field in red, and the specific class within the css i am preaching about in blue) if you want to the bottom of the box (. credit) both has an inline type height, or a certain height according that will an id specifically added for it can be height. This is it looks as however it wraps the contents inside, or even they ‘spill out’. (Please see this url for everyone styles and signal: http: //d993110. u183. pipeten. co. uk/who-we-are/ simpler to pick out on Firebug than most effective for you to take up lots of lines here pasting it)

Because this word will change later on within each quotation box, and each and every one now really is a different levels, i am thinking perhaps extra code thats required to set all these heights could possibly be avoided if there was how to change the css to ensure this did definitely not actually need the height, it just wrapped it’s quite happy with padding at the end or something

Thinking of talking about some sort of varying height quote box If so, there’s only one way to do that will. You’ll have that will split the quotation box into some sections (the top with the rounded corners, the middle which is the part the location where the quote goes, along with the bottom which is a end quote together with little part this points to whoever’s talking).

I have done something comparable, albeit without quote boxes, at online world. libreriapandevida. com. The suitable side content is definitely randomly generated it resizes at random.

As much as your first challenge, what I’d suggest usually you’ve tried helping put too many stuff into one stylesheet. Separate them making sure that your layout stuff is one stylesheet, then result in a second, separate stylesheet for every page. Yes, this will result in a good call to the server, but it furthermore makes debugging less complicated because you may then figure out if you can find any conflicting features from other pages.

If will not work, start stripping things out from the page and reparing it until you will find the offending problem. I can’t see what it’s on the surface area.

Thankyou I’ll definitely have a look at recoding those boxes being in three elements; i think while my colleague concept there would be only a couple of diff heights, a 2-part box is easier/quicker.

and definately will keep trying having that big space inside the content

thanks a ton!

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