Creating a website, is this too much for me?

Ok so I’m a system administrative by trade but I’ve done classes on HTML/CSS and a few easier work for $$.. I am also knowledgeable about SQL, Java, Javascript but fairly basic..

The primary functionality of that website is 1) your user base and 2) reviews.. (something like rottentomatoes)

Are usually most efficient way to start this If I code everthing bymyself by hand i’m probably within over my brain.. is something being a good solution for any prebuilt backend

Not worried regarding the design (html/css), just the backend scares me a bit.

Any kind of advice/thoughts

I would say Drupal is a superb choice.
You must hire a freelance programmer who’s skilled at Drupal.
Accomplish the graphics in addition to design yourself, leave the backend on the programmer.

If what you’re doing is like rottentomatoes, you have a very huge project on your hands.

Yeah I realize this I guess I needed someone to express to me.. I’m not suitable on the returning end..

Can i do the frontend first after which it hire someone The frontend shouldn’t be too complex.

I am doing this with two friends who have no idea the complexities associated with such an journey

You have to operate on this utilizing your programmer.
It depends on which system the programmer decides (Drupal, Joomla, one thing else)

The programmer will give you the templates you might want to customize, and they will can
use you on employing the layout with all the back-end programming.

Yeah I think I’ll tell my partners that is too much for me, The thing is nobody would like to spend much $$ its more of an hobby to start then an online business.

I had never even heard about Drupal or Jooma until this site! Ive only utilized asp. net pertaining to such things

There may be great ASP. online applications, very much the same as Drupal.
But I realize very little with regards to ASP programming.
You’ll probably decide to to investigate which further.

unless you wish to write your personal cms using php mysql i’d opt for joomla. it’s effortless to setup, and if you would like customised templates we’ve used artisteer before plus it works very good. Or the other option could be to check some tuts with joomla templates, you’ll find in case you have decent HTML/CSS and a lil php information, you can churn out a great solution.

not some people are good at both coding and also design, whatever you are not so good at, team up that has a person who is usually.

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