Howdy, I am creating a new site implementing css controlled floor plans methods… from my previous knowledge implementing dreamweaver and lynda. com training. I do recognize basic coding along with css etc.
Nonetheless, having created your seemingly desirable shape for my brand new site in dreamweaver (design check out and code view) : using css manipulated div blocks with regard to my header, nav club, content, and footer, When i preview it in the browser all Allow me to see is the text around the page.
Can certainly anyone help me personally please

Are you talking about seeing offline (on ones PC), or online
While you say " only text", you imply that the CSS stylesheet is not being " executed"

Howdy, thank you on your response. I am dealing with previewing it on the web. And the css style sheet is not being executed… since my design is throughout css, and the value looks ok in the header to my home (linking to stylesheet) I cant find out what the problem is.
Basically all I see is a list of links as text as well as placeholder texts… I havent added the many content yet, just the div for any logo, navbar, bottle, and footer. undecided if this pays to you! amy

Give us your link (URL) towards site in question.

Make positive you uploaded the actual css file. It’s either not there or you might have linked it erroneous. Can you present us code.

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