CSS3 : should we not be worried bout ie6 anymore?

Hey people of website development… I just learn: http: //24ways. org/2009/make-your-mockup-in-markup
what don’t you guys think ought to we abandon css2, photoshop and the idea of ie6 not copy css3 The article is absolutely great… and Id love to learn css3… but the idea of not using illustrator for my mockups usually are bit daunting and also call me obsessive compulsive but I merely cant leave those old skul people of ie6 at the rear of….. The author may be a really great web designer… even my advisor says shes much better than him… oh well hope to find out what are your own thoughts bout this kind of…

This is a good evolution in progression and we are during it. We don’t want to reduce the old stuff because some people still use this. We don’t prefer to use the brand new stuff because a lot of people don’t have the item yet! IE6 has one foot inside grave and other foot on a new banana peel. The only real way to complete it off is usually when designers stop designing for it. As long because sites work with IE6 then people will never have a motive to upgrade.

On the other hand… just when I thought I got done with HALF A DOZEN, I got work to build a site where loads of old people shall be using the site, and, probably a fantastic % of these individuals have IE6. And so, I found myself again slightly catering to 6, as well because the 800×600 resolution in the process! Yes, I took a measure backward from our goal, but hopefully it’s the last.

It’ll take probably another Less than 6 years before you can easlily use css3 entirely and exclusively, and maybe even for a longer time. I have not really researched css3 because I understand we can’t really apply it yet and certainly cross browser like-minded. Maybe I ‘m wrong

css3 is basically cool for firefox… I do wonder if ie9 goes out might it be supporting it… yeah you might be absolutely right the actual evolution of web development! and people tend to be still using ie6… as long as some people usually are still in winXp then we should make ie6 a part of our routine as web developers… anyways… I tried css3 and I had been wow! round 4 corners with codes plus opacity and darkness! Wooohooo! very great and less job than PS… But I think Ill stick with photoshop at the moment… atleast on ie… but ill practice css3 about firefox

Yeah but there’s nothing like creating your boxes with 4 corners and shadows. Although to only declare in css would be a lot easier along with require less program code than building a great expanding box by using custom borders and stuff. A lot faster and easier=more BUCK. Sure, learn it now and you may have a leg up down the line.

John, who’s the git player as part of your profile

ahmm that may be me dude… use that can be played guitar in your band but was a geek when i got my initial change off an online site… now guitar is more on the hobby and im more into acoustic along with singing my *** off of… wanna make an online designers band: -D

Great! Same here, I played across Michigan, had a realtor, played anywhere from 3 to 7 nights seven days, then I started to get old! Just your hobby now, small amount of recording these and there but even with which has gone by the particular wayside. 2 young children, 3 jobs, house, I’m 42, end of band!

Web-site designers band… lmao! Yeah then following a gig we are able to all go inside the back room and also fire up each of our computers. We’ll call up the band… Dreamweaver

As previous threads have told us it depends entirely who ones target market can be, a government website has to be accessible to all people, a high fashion/technology web site can revolve mainly around flash along with assume users are generally all running macs/high end PC’s using a non flash backup for that peasants.

Figure out priorities and choose form there, accessibility or top end design, generally the response is somewhere at the center and compromises will need to be made. CS3 has quite a few new features but why ever build around these individuals unless required

The ultimate answer is to undertake it all simultaneously, make sure that low operators have a well-designed site and luxury users see the features, not always a hassle-free balancing act and I have to admit I are tempted to state f**k IE (not simply 6 – even 8 would like to cause problems) users over and over again, but at the completed of the day you will find still enough of these to justify a little (or moderate) number of extra effort.

However I do often feel like We have spent hours fixing code for the village in countryside Africa.

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