description when website is searched on google HOW TO?

monroenightlife. com — Google Search

The site is monroenightlife. com. It can be my first internet site to ever develop. I know nothing at all about getting targeted visitors, so if someone incorporates a tutorial you swear by or the book you swear by well then , i’ll know

But for my principal question, where does someone put the description that turns up when you seek in google. Today, when I seek out my domain web site in google, my description is approximately flash player.

If you choose to help, thanks in your time

You will need a description meta tag in the head section.

And this I have with my < head>

< title> Monroe nightlife visited in louisiana using film and photography< /title>
< meta name=" description" content=" Monroe Louisiana Nightlife sets explored, filmed, and photographed" />
< meta name=" keywords" content=" monroe sets, monroe nightlife, monroe nitelife, monroe nighttime life, monroe nite lifetime, nightlife, nitelife, monroe get together, level, coda, rendezvous, standing, hook n bull " />
< meta http-equiv=" Content-Type" content=" text/html; charset=ISO-8859-1" >

Why does the item say this when it can be searched

monroenightlife. com/ — Cached
Record Format: Shockwave Flash
monroenightlife. com/banner. swf

Thanks for your help

Viewed your source signal, and it amounts to just the only thing about the page that search engines would recognize is an < h4> tag halfway down the page.

This website was made with Photoshop and divided up into tables – you will discover no " alt" tags for your images and not any other text on the page for Search engine to read.

My advice to be found by Google would be to convert your Photoshop into valid CODE and CSS, see this guide for a place to start From Photoshop in order to HTML BolducPress, an internet design blog

And do a few research on easy methods to optimize for SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMISATION with content. Metatags on it’s own won’t cut the item anymore.

the only metatag used is the page title and description – use H1/2/3/4/5 etc and several page content and also ALT text in your images.

THats what We would like!

I’ll ask more questions with this after some exploration. I’ll try that out and I believe I’ll encounter a few problems.

Thanks again for your advice.

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