Design my blog for free adspace for a year.

To produce a long story really short, My organization is just a quite new mommy doodlekit who was excited because I managed to produce a button for my blog. I recognize what HTML is definitely… sort of. To read an entire story of just how this idea was please read this post found here—> http: //lifelossandotherthings. blogspot. com/2011/06/this-bag-lady-needs-facial. html The viewers digest version usually a woman enquired a critique associated with her site through twitter followers and when I supplied my. 02 she switched around and questioned an admin forum if following my input is taking fashion advice from the bag lady. Consequently… again, short variant is after label calling, which MY SPOUSE AND I responded to quite diplomatically, and ego bruising word lashings, i chose to neglect, I decided i was going to try to turn the following into something confident.

I recognize my site isn’t attractive. I is not going to defend my system. Designers form all levels tend to be than welcome to participate! Please see my post to get more detailed details! Thanks ahead for taking occasion to read this specific.

I actually think thats the top looking Blogger site I’ve observed in a while. If you do not mind, I’ll give this project some sort of shot, (even while I’m a noob lol)…
Oh and I can even provide truly cheap hosting would you like that too…

OK so I’m probably not sure what thinking of, but I created an easy crude site. I would really like your feedback in the event it’s totally not what you were looking for, or if you feel I should develop on it:
http: //www. shovehost. com/wordpress/
and no POST won’t flip out if you do not like it!

I would really like to have our " audience" choose which pattern they like best by utilizing facebook likes since I described while in the post linked above. I welcome you to put together whatever it is that you think is most appealing in order to my readers as well as let them decide. Also, since We’ve a Blogger web-site currently, I would require it to end up being for blogger.

My organization is currently hosted free on Blogger but thanks a ton for offering! Basically choose to select a paid company, I will definitely consider you!

Let me also add that i am super excited that you’re willing to play this! Even in case your design isn’t selected, everybody wins!

ALRIGHT, I was contemplating that maybe you ought to ditch blogger, a have a real domain plus paid hosting, because hosting is $1/month from my home, and anyway, You’ve gotten more options like that. I am using WordPress to build the site (and i’ve it temporarily filed on my web host site; it doesnt ought to stay there, or even, if you want, If you pick my design, you can have free hosting via me))… Anyway, whatever you want to do, I’ll postpone creating the positioning until you tell me if or not you want to follow Blogger.

Been some time since I’ve enjoyed blogger… but I think there is an area for made to order CSS… what you’re attempting to do would develop a javascript link that may reload more than one if the quite a few " themes" available to blogger…

http: //www. csszengarden. com/ is definitely an example if what I’m preaching about… if you see. he content may be the same… but each design seemingly different… The energy of CSS plus simple scripts..

if you’re looking to provide design choices outside what blogger has to offer… you may need to look at external hosting alone domain… which would ensure that you get complete and full control on the look….

I just spent the third 20 minutes or so looking to decipher the terminology. My poor husband has to be so frustrated since she has tried to explain to my advice the difference in between external hosting and developing a domain name. I wish WE knew more about these false claims. I think basically did, my site would probably be a whole lot better looking! That is why We are turning it up to the skilled consumers like you. Our crude plan, at least for now, was to enroll in a series connected with Blogger blogs LLAOTWM YOU… LLAOTWM 27 and so forth… and showcase the designs with this.

How about I ensure that you get free subdomain hosting for now

I am not ready to make any changes within the hosting now. Blogger works personally right now as I’m still getting things off the ground. I’d like to believe that for any 6 month previous blog, I am achieving a lot and gradually in the definitely not too distant potential, I may be interested in a more essential " alteration". At this time, I just desire my blog to look better. I are interested to attract a lot more visitors and keep people’s eyes pleased. My hope usually several people want to do a design and lots of people get a few links, mentions, plus ad space. The winner would find the ad space on my homepage but there’s opportunities for a number of people to receive sime good " face time". I may not get a lot of traffic right these days but going via 300 page sights my first 30 days, to over 4000 a month in rapid sequence without SEO… I really think that I’m in my baby phase of posting. So 12 months of free ad space can be a real steal in a few more many weeks. Especially if your aesthetics of my personal site improves!

Seriously. Sorry so wordy. LOL

That is my first write, (this is our contribution)
http: //lifelossandotherthings. shovehost. com

-The header image really should be changed, I feel bad at layouts so I didn’t even try, To get, I can try and make a good graphic, but don’t expect much as much as graphics from me)…
-I can move your posts from that old Blogger blog on the new WordPress blog if you choosed to use my style and design.
-If you’re accustomed to Blogger, learning how you can use the fresh WordPress-based blog should be quite easy.
-If you intend to upgrade to your personal domain (and stick to my design) you will definitely get your own hosting account together with your own domain intended for $40/year (for a new. com domain). Or you may stay with the present free subdomain free of charge.

Okay know what you would imagine, if you want any changes, and so forth.
hope you want it,

Edit: you posted while I was tpying mine. Read mine and tell me what you believe!

The link isn’t pointing to where you believe it is.

When you send me this link, I will post it (not specifically right now) and ask my readers to as it on facebook if they believe it is the design POST should use. Bless you!

Sometimes the revolutionary subdomains take quite some time to propagate. Now novice cached and them works fine.
http: //lifelossandotherthings. shovehost.

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