Designers Stealing Domain Names

Definitely everyone, I’m new to that but just desired to ask a few questions get started on. First of most of, I am addressing a client that is previous client probably would not relinquish their domains. Purchased with the client’s money but desired to charge thousands per website. He then sold them into a competitor, I am sure for nearly cost. Thinking I could probably not perform anything, I even now contacted godaddy. com in addition to ICANN. Do you guys have any ideas of things I could do I purchased a variety of similar domain bands, but most in the ones with this client’s name (M. DiFoggio) were already sold towards competitor. I believe it is just plain bad business to the part of the previous designer and is able to use some suggestions!

Whose names have been the domains registered to If it was the other designer, your customer is actually screwed, unless he had a written contract or some type of proof that he had a contract with the custom. Having the domain name match their organization name wouldn’t injured either.

I recognize that… it is most unfortunate, except the websites do match the business enterprise name. The " kid" documented them in his or her name, there is absolutely no written contract nonetheless like I said they actually match the business name. They’ve chosen an attorney, so I am certain it will require time but may well work out in the long run. Thanks!

There were cases where larger businesses have been awarded their domain from squaters, as it falls under their particular intellectual property, copyright or maybe trademarks etc.

If you’re a legal entity business that predates the registration of the domain, you could possibly have an argument to the next fact.

Totally obvious lesson to everyone, register your unique domains. It is quite easy to carry out. Failing that, ensure you have a very accurate contract that requires ownership transferred back.

alter > when POST say ‘you’, I guess which is more referring towards client you tend to be representing.

Wow. That really sucks. Always teach the clients how to register their own domains. It really is not that hard.

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