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Hi all, first submit here…

a little question I’ve been making plans for lately. It’s actually important I got directly into web design/code.

– You’ve got a great idea for just a website (dime several I know), but Personally i think very confident during this one (like facebook/google big)
— However, you will not be capable of creating one due to lack of knowledge

What are my choices here I have been studying for A FEW months now during lynda. com and also w3schools, watching video lessons, and taking paperwork. (I literally have 5 notebooks well worth already). I’m trying taking in approximately i can in lots of subjects. I’ve currently got xhtml/css down fairly well, and Formerly suffering with tinnitus working on javascript/php/python/mysql/Adobe programs/XML/Jquery/and so on…

I know I can check out rentacoder or identical sites and spend someone to design/create it to me, but lets say that not enough funds comes straight into play (considering perhaps it will cost 1000+) Requires years to turn into fully competent at making a fully functional web page, and I know certain times everyone needs many help.

So I became thinking along the actual lines of obtaining someone(s) competent, and teaming up with these to create the site and share inside ownership/financial benefits that could come(or something together those lines).

Just about any ideas or feelings

Gives thanks.

Well, hi, I’m brand new here, but I’m always considering new projects to look at on. I’ve been building websites for quite a while (many involving extensive make use of PHP & MySQL), although just recently began pursuing it by a professional, so I’m constantly seeking new projects to use in my portfolio.

If you’re willing to share some information and toss ideas forward and backward, feel free that will send me your message, or go to my personal internet site at www. chadamas. com. I can’t promise that I’ll be capable to do everything you would like, but I can promise actually with you along with give it our best, or direct you to definitely other people or even resources who can be more helpful.

Hi Asimps, I’m always interested in teaming up with people to figure on new jobs. I particularly enjoy projects which have been more heavy around the back-end side of things, rather as compared with simply designing desirable websites (which indeed I do in addition love! ).

No portfolio to talk about unfortunately, but I have worked on a number of projects, both for myself for clients. Send me a message if you’d be interested in a collaboration.

If you are serious that you will have this big strategy. Write it straight down. Every detail.

Produce presentation including a tiny prototype in that investors will desperately prefer to invest into your blog.

It is a only way to actually succeed with something people think is really of great benefit. Once you could get investors or a house loan, then you are able to build it the proper way and start a genuine business. Outside of their I doubt you’ll have much luck.

What exactly CreativeArmory said. The challenge with your financing idea usually it’s been done. A lot. And also it’s failed. A whole lot. It’s how a big portion of that dotbomb era was formed… programmers " invested" within the companies they previously worked for (translation: proved helpful for free), received worthless stock/ownership, after which found themselves toned broke and starving when it absolutely was all said and also done. Even currently, I see at least A few posts a full week asking for the same thing… work in my site, WHEN I can’t promise an individual much, but you will have ownership stake, so that as my really very good yet incredibly imprecise idea grows, you may make lot$ involving money. No, seriously. You will.

Today, if you get a preview and get it off the ground with a prototype and everything, then you possibly can potentially go that loan or expansion capital route. But people aren’t just about to invest in an " idea"… they need to see something developed that may work.

So what does that mean Either you’re likely to have to search for long and challenging for someone with lots of skills, something to help prove, and which will make your concept work (not planning to happen), or you’re going to should be that someone with many skills, something to help prove, and which will make your concept work.

Getting investors is the best best bet. Including someone said above me, design a display and hope for top.

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