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Definitely guys,

I’m trying in making my reports look better then just applying Word and exporting it to be a PDF.

I’ve tried googling around for some time now trying to get tips/guides/etc on producing better reports, but I just get lists of things to do… not how to perform them.

We have the entire Adobe Assortment, I’m assuming you should use InDesign or Photoshop, or perhaps a combo.. But can someone point me in the direction to determining how to add charm to my eBook/Report templates

Many thanks!

It depends upon what you do with the reports.

Just publishing for anyone And why would not word to PDF not work

I generates plenty of reports a month that way so I’m form of confused as to the reasons it’s not earning a living for you.

I didn’t explain that well enough. The file type will find themselves in PDF. But Word seems to have some major limits with regards to designing with the item (At least how I’m wanting to do it… maybe I’ll use word).

Anytime I aim to use word it eventually ends up having a wonky header, essential footer, and basic text through the report. Even positioning images in addition to wrapping text with Word has infuriating constraints on the item.

The reports I make are used for marketing reasons. I’d like to transfer beyond just possessing basic text along with page numbers.

Here’s an example layout that I would like to work to:

https: //s3. amazonaws. com/PostFiles/CRE-PhotoShelter-Bonus_Tip-Hearing_the_Voice_of_the_Customer. pdf file

Yeah, this can be done in the actual adobe creative suit, can be performed in any graphic editing software. You can do it in word too.

Look at is as layering method. Start with your background.

Word has the power to create headers and footers that may be applied to just the first or last web page, the formatting of one’s text area. They are using images for all elements… Would often be easier in CS in comparison with word, but certainly doable.

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