Designing websites, do you ever mockup comps based on two wireframes?

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I’m thinking about redesigning my companies website and I simply had a circulation question. I feel mocking up wireframes currently. Should I receive my boss to help approve ONE wireframe and design 3 comps according to that, or is this generally accepted to use a few wireframe and design and style 3 comps

I’ve never done this in a credit repair professional setting, so I’m not sure what one of the best practice for that is. I don’t prefer to end up carrying out a ton more job because I offered her multiple wireframe options.

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Why not ask your superior what she wishes

I’d do exactly the same thing. Make your management pick one and select her suggestion.

I never provide a few wireframe for that will reason… paralysis by choice.


I don’t desire to ask her due to the fact I wanted to do this the ‘best practices’ means. We don’t constantly give our clients loads of choices on objective, we want to help steer them in a direction and if we provide them with too many possibilities, it can often delay the whole process.

That may be what I seemed to be getting at. Do you find it wiser to make her first choose ONE wireframe, and then design comps according to only one I make sure is what you like to do, and it seems sensible because otherwise Possible end up doing a ton more work basically design for a couple of separate wireframes. With thanks,

Would still love to hear how others approach this…

I usually give them away one wireframe, and they’ll often gush over this or suggest quite a few changes and we’ll go after that.

Giving them two at once will just result in " ooh they really are both good", " oh can we’ve got this from wireframe 1 this also for wireframe 2 even though they wont physically fit in the very same space" and etc.

Lol — the " TARDIS" wirefame I think that one’s known as…..

Wireframes, interesting subject and virtually all web designer either have no idea of about them or have no clue as to how to draw one.

Not too long ago, well why not a few more in comparison with that, I started creating my wireframes throughout Autocad so once i called a client in, or sent you one in a pdf format, it had been an easy edit to fulfill them and have a fast approval.

So I in fact draw one wireframe that has a fast option that will edit it in order to reach the client’s requirements. or likes, or perhaps whatever makes these people happy. If they interested in it in your colors then I recently drop it around Photoshop and put the colors to the item until they find all excited, or either declare ok that works to me.

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