DHTML menu vs Flash object

Hello there,

This really is my first submit, unfortunately I get abit stuck at designing my hottest website…

I can try and explain best Allow me to (see supporting image).

Concerning created a DHTML palate, with drop decrease sub-links, however directly under the DHTML menu Concerning a flash item, my problem is when i test my internet page the menu is working and often see from the image I will be hovering over " Vanquish Performance" button though the drop down list is hiding guiding the flash item, I have looked everything within Dreamweaver 4 in an attempt to bring the DHTML menu for the front so your drop down can be visable but I have to admit I are actually defeated I can not bring it for you to it overlaps your flash objext… would you help



If you edit the CSS for any menu, add this for the menu CSS:

z-index: 9999999;

This really is overkill. Complete overkill. But when you still can’t notice your menu guiding the Flash, it is really something else, whereby you’d have to help upload it somewhere so you can easlily see your value.

It may just be placing the div for that menu under this Flash div, but i’d say setting the z-index to the menu to of which, and then placing the z-index to the flash menu to 1, or even setting it to the < ul> so those show up over it.

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