Different css for IE6 – How To?

Possibly there is a way involving saying:

If ie6 – employ this set of setting for an image
Else – employ this set

I’m by using a WordPress plugin to be able to enable the users to obtain a different header image per page; I’ve tweaked the actual css positioning in order that it works fine within ie7 firefox chrome etc nonetheless it positions differently inside ie6. (Worked ok prior to plugin. )

The customer frequently uses ie6 so for this reason – and in addition because 7% still apply it – I would like to make the idea look OK in such a.

<! --if IE 6>
Specific instructions for IE SIX here
<! endif--> 

You can also use " much less than" and " better than" in these kinds of expressions. i. electronic.

< code>
<! –if lt IE 7>
< link rel=" stylesheet" href=" ie_old. css" media=" screen" type=" text/css" >
<! endif–>

<! –if gte IE 7>
< link rel=" stylesheet" href=" ie_new. css" media=" screen" type=" text/css" >
<! endif–>
< /code>

in this instance ‘gte’ means " greater when compared with or equal to"

PPK’s quirksmode site is a definitive reference for these kinds of thing:

CSS — Conditional comments

Thank you both – have finally been able to fix the ie6 " glitch" which usually should make you customer happy!

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