Do I need to reconfigure my website design?

Good day, I have created a website which has a three tier drop-down palate. The third tier is where the user chooses to evaluate a specific slideshow (cycle plugin) on the home design. The second tier is where the user chooses ‘home design’ which reveals the third tier with all the home designs stated. Each home design is a separate page along with menu at leading… slideshow in the center… carousel (carousel plugin) with thumbnails of some other home designs. Once an individual chooses from your menu or this carousel, the new page is ‘opened’. The menu as well as the carousel ‘reset’… only the 1st tier of the particular menu being displayed plus the carousel returns towards beginning of the alphabetical order. Almost all hovers are taken out. MY QUESTION: your client now wants to take care of the hover for both the second tier on the menu and this carousel. In some other words: if anyone chooses ‘design A’ on the carousel… after ‘design A’ is definitely opened the carousel would still have the hover over ‘design A’… it would NOT reset. The center of the menu, the 1st and second tier in the menu would be visible and also the hover would nevertheless be visilbe over your ‘home designs’ option with the second tier of the menu.

Does anyone have any applying for grants how I may ‘redesign’ my present setup My one thought was that will store the consumers menu choice whenever the new page is known as, I could returning the menu to help its last ‘stored’ say. Hmmmm… just won’t seem proper. Thanks for virtually every thoughts!

Sure why not…

placed a session varied… or cookie of which stores that information… kill the session or create a cookie that expires afre the wedding of the treatment…

sometimes are viable choices… I tend to make use of session variables plenty to help users drill down to more detailed info.

MY SPOUSE AND I store what POST call a " trackback" procedure… and provide a connect to the user just like " return in order to last selection"…

should you be wanting to sustain the " hover/click" state may possible to send the session variables back to the " scripting" that is running the carousel and bring anyone back to where they were

Thank you on your reply. A php session variable appears like the perfect solution and can save me from redesigning many web sites. I have searched extensively for those code samples to get capturing current menus states, ie, which li have the hover on the second tier once the user clicked a service on the lastly tier, and are unable to find anything. Can you have any idea the way to code/grasp what li experienced the hover with my second tier menu if the user clicked over a third tier merchandise I’m simply seeking to reset my list to how it looked prior to a user clicked using a third tier item. Any thoughts on this

This sounds more like a database design issue than this is a layout issue as such, as strange since it sounds.

Your third rate menu item can have a unique mum or dad second tier as well as a unique parent initial tier. When this link is clicked, you could capture the 2nd and first rate and then manage to process them after that, and you would necessarily need your PHP session changing for them.

I’m going to show you the somewhat tangential case in point of what I’m referring to from a site I’m implementing that’s under building (hence the " dev" from the URL):

http: //www. hotrodfanatics. com/dev/hot-rod-garage/hot-rod-interior/car-care/

In such a particular example, hotrodfanatics. com/dev is the website root and I utilize a custom 404 to be able to split the subfolders in addition to traverse through all of them (hot-rod-garage, hot-rod-interior, and car-care) to see the right final special category. From right now there, the 404 transfers an individual to the car care page beneath the " Interior" portion. If I needed to, I could use the same logic backwards to perform things such because creating breadcrumbs, etc. But for right now, it’s not actually necessary.

Quite simply, use a database to create your menu then update the db required.

Facet note for Webzarus’ face: this is some sort of. NET project.

TheGAME1264… many thanks for these thoughts. I feel like I am definitely on the correct track to understanding my menu challenge. Plus, I have find out about session variables which will come in handy in numerous projects! Thanks.

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