Do tables allow more flexibility for SEO

Perhaps there is a chance that will its easier to be able to hide some seo tactics on the website like phrase stuffing or this maybe tables allow for using more tricks

I see a lot of table based design sites ranking high, usually the models with keyword stuffing as well as other tricks.

just a though.

Tables are just a building method pertaining to websites. The search engines can search through them just together with with more modern-day website design tactics. I would suggest that probably the reason a lot of high ranking websites are made of tables because they may be older websites which were on Google for a much longer time and so are using SEO methods which have been still effective currently. The newer way of building websites, applying divs and css, continues to a fairly new medium. There are large volumes of sites that are still made of tables simply because simply haven’t been updated yet.

You can equipment the attributes with any tag just as easily and often a table tag.

< div id=" seo-div" title=" SEO Ninja Rock Bottom Search engine optimization by Women with Hairy Armpits" >

As Jeffrey_Rank outlined, a lot with table-based websites owned by companies who happen to be around a even though and just didn’t bothered to redesign their stuff still. Age is an issue, although it’s also not the one factor either.

You can never isolate an individual factor as the reason a web site " ranks". Basically, search engine optimization is a lot like chi. If it truly is done properly, everything is in perfect balance and harmonious after which it Kwai Chang Caine can be purchased in and beats the crap beyond about 17 bad guys display kicking them from the chest with an open-toed sandal.

POST agree..
You can stuff any page with key term.
Typically you can hide them inside alt tags connected with images,
bill tags of divs as well as classes and < any href=" " title=" spam" > < /a>,
permits not forget implementing comments <! — spam spam spam –>
long lists of keywords and phrases in meaningless meta tags < meta name content=" spam spam" />
Most designers often forget the most important places for keywords and phrases ie
the content specifically the H1 : H6 tags and in the link description to pages inside their own sites.
Happy stuffing

I would have to side with those that favor the age group factor, as nearly all new designers use newer techniques. Tables still do what they were designed to carry out, although in an arcane way, comfort and ease zone for previous timer designers.

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