Does ‘& # 1 6 0’ work in a table?

Hi, I have some line of text within a table cell which in turn makes the cell two rows higher. I want to indent the underside row but ‘& # 1 SOME 0’ doesn’t apparently do anything.

Do I can use some other solution Making the cell longer just isn’t an option.

Gives thanks!

Add this into the < td> label. Adjust as needed.

style=" padding-left: 40px; "

The problem you’re visiting run into is that in some cases, the long distinct text will help make your cell 3, 4, 5 rows high based on how someone resizes their text inside a browser such seeing that Firefox. So if it can be two lines began seeing you’re looking at it, at some point it is going to be even large.

fair point that. as for that coding suggestion, can there be anything that will probably indent only the underside line of text rather than the top 1 or both of these

No, because there’s no real way to ascertain the bottom distinct text when it’s resized.

okay, thanks anyway

you could place the the important point in a licence plate of it’s own but that may look equally bad. this is why tables are pertaining to tabular data just, not layout.

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