Does any one know how I can find this java script

For the IKEA website http: //www. ikea. com/us/en/ when you click on this little icon female, it pops up a window just like a help support windows but its definitely not exactly. You enter a question and it also gives you options for your question. I do think its like a good virtual automated aided. Does any one particular knows where I will find that exaclty program or something identical. Doesn’t matter when its free or maybe not. If anybody knows I’ll really regards.


There’s a jQuery autocomplete plugin which may get you section of the way.

Others of it can be server side, so it would depend on your application. It draws from database and completes after that.

hmmm… I’m not which advance in jQuery for getting that, but I’ll explore it.

Gives thanks though.

It’s actually not that hard if you know Javascript. It really simplifies lots of things (such seeing that AJAX calls).

Explore it. It’s a new wicked pissa, as the Bostonians like to state.

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