Does Size Really Matter?

Good day,
We are a newbie to web design. I made our page 1696 times 1438. You guys noticed it and said I were required to take it lower a notch. Now its 1280 x 800 that is popular I listen to. I just got done redesigning the idea in photoshop. While i preview it them doesnt fill your page. So What will i do to complete the page Should i make it 1920 wide and center the middle How do i make it so if the user opens the actual page big it will eventually stretch, but if the page is tiny the center will probably be what the user sees compared to the topo left from the page
A person guys really aided me last time frame thanks!

1280 x 800 is a popular monitor file size. Best size for most websites is 960 huge. Centering the web page is popular (look from this site for example of how to do that).

PS – LOL the title of this thread. I wasn’t guaranteed whether I’d look for a spammer’s post inside or a respectable question. LOL.

One easy way is as Moseley claimed, design 960px large and center your page. Another way is setting up a fluid design. The short of it’s that you work with percentages for most sizes, and centre the page. You can even take it a stride further and use media queries to be able to adjust the position/size of elements as being the user’s browser windowpane shrinks.

The fluid design, here’s an example. Say you wish the content to keep 90% of the width with the browser window, yet never get lesser than, say 600px.
Of the best ways to accomplish that is to wrap the main thing in the div, like consequently:

< div class=" wrapper" >
< /div> 

Then, placed the CSS similar to so:

. wrapper
left: 5%; /*Half the width from the 10% left over*/
min-width: 600px; /*Won't acquire smaller than this*/
location: relative; /*Makes the element respect the actual left offset*/
width: 90%;

Then, you just placed the content within the wrapper to percentages belonging to the width of the actual wrapper. Or, use px-based widths, but take care that elements won’t come upon each other. Here’s a web-site that uses that method jointly with media queries. Shrink and broaden your browser window to view it work. As well as yes, I did design this great site. Not trying to help plug it, wouldn’t help me the slightest bit if I ended up being.

Thanks Individuals,
Maybe I didnt emphasise precisely how new i here’s. I literally understand no code. Dont hate my home but Im using dreamweaver right now, till I know code efficienly enough never to use DW.
A couple of people helped my home last time as the slices werent aligning. So now I have learned to change the sizes belonging to the slices so they align.
Therefore Roe… Im supposing I put
< div class=" wrapper" >
from the very front and

< /div> on the very end
must need to put
the in front and behind in the process.

Must do same along with CSS

A vey important question for my home is
Easily make the web site 1280 wide as well as use above code, what happens while user makes his or her broser 1281 wide

So above is how we did this—-> http: //pjweber. us/
heres what im working on. Ignore the piece breaks and that there is simply no actual text. This is before the sport and alphamare told me to edit consumer slices through with HTML

http: //marigro. com/sitedreamweaver/homepage/homepage. html

Smosley thats precisely what I was interested in.


< div class=" wrapper" >

< desk id=" Table_01" width=" 1281" height=" 800" border=" 0" cellpadding=" 0" cellspacing=" 0" >
as well as put the
< div>
immediately after the
< div class=" wrapper" >
The idea made a difference. But I dont have learned to do the css part
While i go to CSS tab it says " no css properties apply to the present tag"

It isn’t going to cooperate with table-based layout. They aren’t flexible. The best thing can be done if you don’t desire to end up writing the whole thing by hand is to redo the internet page at 960px wide, add the < div class=" wrapper" > immediately after your body licence plate, add the < /div> right before the closing human body tag, and copy/paste the next just before the < /head>

< style type=" text/css" >
. wrapper
border: 0 auto;
width: 960px;

< /style> 

That’ll get your overall design looking excellent on browser windows all the way up down to 1024px huge, and it could keep the whole idea centered.

Ron many thanks so much your the top…. even if you decide to do destroy sandcastles. Youve been a great deal of help. I is lost if it wasnt due to this forum. I also noticed on your own page the background stays the same size yet the middle box is fluid. I cant accomplish that with the site I will be current building nevertheless I watched some youtube videos on tips on how to do that. I guess I simply do what you told me, just put the actual < div> tag before and next specific box I desire to be fluid.
Now that I’m sure what you taught me My goal is to pay much more attention the the final layout when creating the positioning in photoshop.

Actually another question for you if you ever get the chance.
I do believe I get an entire div/css thing
the div tag is just saying " greetings div tag " wrapper" confirming in" and CSS claims " div tag " wrapper" i highly recommend you reduce size any time browser size will be reduced.

Does it subject what I name the tag or would the next do the same

< div class=" superman" >
< /div> 
< style type=" text/css" >
. superman
border: 0 auto;
width: 960px;

< /style> 

Only reason MY PARTNER AND I ask is Im wondering easily can apply diverse rules to different slices belonging to the page.

Like your site
http: //www. roedesigns. com/

yes it is possible to call id’s plu

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